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BER Lounge Tempelhof

Relax in our Business Lounge

48 EUR
Lounge THF Interior

Welcome to the Business Lounge Tempelhof!

The BER Lounge Tempelhof impresses with spacious lounge areas and large panoramic windows with a view of the airport and the southern runway.

Here you can enjoy your stay in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere. Various lounge areas such as a relaxation area, working area, dining area and a fully equipped conference room offer space for all needs. 

All gates are accessible from the lounge. Passport control is located directly in front of the lounge exit.

You can gain access to the BER Lounge Tempelhof 

  • by paying 48 EUR by EC or credit card on site
  • by participating in a bonus program of one of our partners

The conference room can be booked additionally for 100 EUR net per hour.

Children under the age of 3 have free access to the lounge.


Please note our travel advice.

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We look forward to welcoming you!

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Terminal: Security Area

Departure areas, Gate A 20, Level E1
Access only via level E1 (Schengen)

  • Business
Location Map
Location Map Lounge Tempelhof - Terminal 1