Accessible travel
Accessible travel

Accessible travel

What you need to know if you have limited mobility

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER will open on 31 October 2020. Until then, travellers flying to and from Berlin (Airports Schönefeld SXF and Tegel TXL) should visit for more information about their journey.

We provide support for your journey

Find out how you can get assistance at the airport if your mobility is restricted.

Travel preparation

If you need assistance with your journey because of any mobility restrictions, our free Mobility Service is available.

Der Flughafen BER lässt sich Barrierefrei erreichen.

Mobility Service

To use our free Mobility Service, please inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent of the extent of the assistance you require at least 48 hours before departure, but preferably directly when booking your flight. Simply indicate the degree of your mobility restriction.

The degrees of mobility restriction are internationally standardised so that your individual needs can be met. The following table will help you to categorise yourself: 

You can walk short distances or climb stairs. You require a mobility aid for longer distances.

You can walk short distances, but you cannot climb stairs. You require a mobility aid for longer distances.

You cannot walk or climb stairs independently. A mobility aid is always required.

You are visually impaired or blind.

You are hearing impaired or deaf.

They are blind and deaf.

You have a mental retardation or developmental disabilities. These include learning disabilities, dementia and Down's syndrome.


Punctual registration will allow us to provide you with the necessary resources. Please note that a late registration may result in longer waiting times for you.

The quality standards for assistance based on EC Regulation No. 1107/2006 can be found here (German language only):

BER Quality standards for special assistance

How to get there

Our car parks and railway stations offer barrier-free access.

Zug zum Flug

Arrival by train

People with reduced mobility can reach the airport barrier-free by train. Berlin Brandenburg Airport has two train stations: 

  • "Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2" at Terminal T1
  • "Flughafen BER - Terminal 5" near Terminal T5

Terminal T1 and T2

The “Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg – Terminal 1 and 2” train station is located directly below Terminal T1. The lifts take you directly from the platform to the arrivals (Level E0) and departures (Level E1) levels at Terminal T1. For an accessible way to Terminal T2, take the lift from the platform to Level E0, leave Terminal 1 and follow the signs to Terminal 2.

Terminal T5

If you arrive by train, follow the signs at the train station “Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg – Terminal 5” and then the covered walkway to Terminal T5. Here you can get preliminary information about your departure on the suspended monitors. At the end of the covered walkway, turn left to reach Terminal areas K and L; turn right for Terminal area M.


Please note that you must contact Deutsche Bahn’s accessibility and mobility service if you need assistance upon arrival or departure on the train or at the station (Link in German language only):


Anreise mit dem Auto mit Mbilitätseinschränkungen.

Arriving by car

If you arrive at Berlin Brandenburg Airport by car, there are several reserved parking spaces for your car at all terminals.

  • Terminal driveway level E0 (6 parking spots)
  • Car Park P1 (75 parking spots) 
  • Car Park P3 (105 parking spots)
  • Car Park P7 (129 parking spots)
  • Car Park P8 (106 parking spots)
  • Car Park P52 (9 parking spots)
  • Car Park P54 (6 parking spots) 
  • Car Park P56 (11 parking spots)

Travellers and visitors with impaired mobility who have a disabled person’s pass with the note “G”, “aG”, “B” or “BL” and a blue or orange parking permit can park free of charge for up to one hour. To make use of the one-hour waiting period, please contact the airport information desk in the terminals with the corresponding evidence and your parking ticket.

  • Terminal T1 (Level E0)
  • Terminal T2 (Level E0)
  • Terminal T5, Terminal area L (level E0)

For longer parking durations, you will receive a discount of 50 percent on the valid parking fees for the respective parking area upon presentation of the documents at the parking office at Terminal 1 or Terminal 5 (the parking fees at P51 are used as a basis for P52). No discounts are given for rates that are already discounted for reserving parking spaces online. Exemptions in accordance with Section 46 German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) for release from parking fees will be recognised upon presentation at the parking office.

Please put your blue EU parking permit or orange parking permit behind the windscreen so that it is clearly visible.

At the airport

After arriving at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, you have various options for alerting our staff to your assistance needs.

Der Mobility Service unterstützt Sie gerne.

Call boxes are located in front of each terminal, via which you can conveniently contact the Mobility Service.

For departures from Terminals T1 and T2, you can also contact the Mobility Service directly from the service points in the respective check-in hall.

  • In Terminal T1: Levels E1 
  • In Terminal T2: Level E0 

After your arrival at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, you can also go directly to your flight’s check-in counter and alert our staff to your assistance needs. A Mobility Service employee will be with you shortly to provide further support.

The Mobility Service will provide you with support throughout your stay at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.:

  • Departure: check-in, bag drop, security checks, restaurants, shopping, transfer to the departure gate and boarding
  • Arrival: disembarking the aircraft, transfer to the baggage claim area and passing through border control and customs procedures

Please note that you may have to deal with stairs or long distances at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Stairs must also be taken if your aircraft is parked at an outer position. If you are unable to overcome these obstacles independently, please register for the Mobility Service in good time.

If you are travelling with your own wheelchair, you can check it in at the large baggage counter. You will receive a Mobility Service wheelchair for your continued journey from the airport to your aircraft seat. If you are using a power wheelchair, you must always check it in at the large baggage counter. You can use your manual wheelchair until boarding. This must be exchanged for one of our wheelchairs no later than at the gate. Your wheelchair will be safely stowed in the aircraft hold. Our Mobility Service will provide you with one of our wheelchairs for safe boarding to your aircraft seat.

Tactile guidance systems have been installed in front of and in the terminals to help visually impaired passengers find their way around Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

Frequently asked questions

The first point of contact for planning your trip and the support options is the travel agency or airline. A support service is available at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Please register with your travel agent or airline at least 48 hours before your departure. The support service will help you through all stages at the airport, before and after your flight.

You will, of course, receive assistance at the airport. Notify our Mobility Service as soon as you arrive at the airport. You can contact them via one of the call boxes or at your flight’s check-in desk. You can also go directly to the Mobility Service points at Terminals T1 and T2.

Yes, your dog is, of course, allowed to fly with you. It will remain with you throughout the entire journey and does not leave your side even when you are in the aircraft.