Luftaufnahme eines Ryanair Flugzeugs
Luftaufnahme eines Ryanair Flugzeugs

Observation Deck

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Terminal 1 of Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER will open on 31 October 2020. On 25 October 2020, Schönefeld SXF Airport will become Terminal 5 of BER. Travellers flying to and from Berlin (Schönefeld SXF and Tegel TXL airports) until then should visit to find out more about their journey.

Dream of flying!

On our observation deck at Terminal 1

Waving to your loved ones sitting in the aircraft until the last moment or just watching aircraft take off and dreaming of faraway lands: all this is possible on our observation deck at Terminal 1.

The observation deck is open for you from 1 November 2020 every day from 6 am until 10 pm. Book your online ticket here in the near future.

Site plan Terminal 1/2

Conditions of use


Frequently asked questions

The observation deck is located on the roof of Terminal 1 with a view over the apron. The entrances are located at the gallery in the central check-in hall (Level 2). Use the escalator/stairs in the centre of the terminal to get to Level 2. You can reach the observation deck via both access areas by using stairs or lifts.

The observation deck is open from 1 November 2020 every day from 6 am until 10 pm.

However, please note that the deck may be closed at short notice in the event of bad weather conditions or unforeseen events.

No, the observation deck is not part of the security area. However, a valid visitor’s ticket is required.

Yes. A valid ticket is mandatory for the visit. The ticket is necessary for both entry and exit; please keep your ticket after entry so that you can scan it again when leaving.

Tickets can only be booked online via our website and using our app from 1 November.

From 1 December 2020, a visitor’s ticket will cost EUR 3. The visit is initially free of charge as part of the BER commissioning. Children also need a regular visitor’s ticket.

No. As the observation deck has no staff checking tickets, only tickets at a standard rate are offered.

You will soon be available tickets online on our website and using our app. When booking, please select the number of tickets you want as well as the time slot.

Visitors who have limited mobility, who require an escort due to severe disability or who bring a pram/buggy with them should select the appropriate access when booking.

If tickets are available for your desired time slot, you will have to enter your personal data. Please make sure that you have a valid email address; this is how we provide you with your tickets. Each visitor will receive a ticket, which is required for entry and exit. Each ticket contains a QR code which must be scanned at the ticket reader at the entrance and exit.

Each ticket is valid for a maximum of 2 hours. Therefore, please select the appropriate visiting time when booking your ticket.

The observation deck has a maximum capacity that is checked per time slot when booking the ticket. If the capacity has already been reached, no more tickets can be booked for the time slot. In this case, please select another time slot.

Generally, yes. However, there is also a small café run by our partner Casual Food as well as some vending machines on the observation deck.

Please use the southern access area on Level 2 only. This is the only entrance via a hinged door and the only place to change floor via lifts.

Yes. Severely disabled persons may take an escort with them free of charge with their visitor’s ticket. Please make sure that you select access for persons with reduced mobility when booking your ticket so that you can go through the hinged door at the southern access area with your escort.

No. Animals and luggage may not be taken onto the observation deck. Smaller bags or rucksacks are an exception to this rule.

Yes. Prams and buggies can be taken along through the hinged door at the southern entrance. Please make sure that you select access for persons with reduced mobility when booking your ticket so that you can go through the swing door.

No. There is currently a smoking ban on the observation deck.

Yes. Toilets are available in the glass corridor area Level 3. There is also a toilet with nappy-changing facilities.