Travel with family
Travel with family

Families and children

Tips for a relaxed family trip

For you and your family

Travelling with children and the whole family can be challenging, especially with many open questions. We will inform you about your options to make your trip easier and your stay at the airport more pleasant.

Ten tips for flying with children

A range of facilities and services can be found at BER to make your journey by air a pleasant experience for both you and your children. Cut down on waiting times at the airport and discover the exciting world of flight together.


As a family, use the separate security control in Terminal 1 in the middle of level E1.

Schedule in more time for getting around the airport and check-in with your child. Explain to your child in advance about the plan and the importance of security checks.

In principle, each individual requires their own travel document.

The type of document depends on the destination. Please contact the embassy or consulate of your destination country as to whether you require a passport, child ID or ID card.

If your underage children are travelling with relatives or friends, please bear in mind that all persons granted parental authority must be able to present this evidence for the journey. The same applies if only one of the two people with parental authority is travelling. Take a written declaration of consent with you, which all persons with parental authority have signed. The following information must be included: Surname, first name, child's date of birth, reason for travel and the destination, the length of the trip and the chaperone with the name and details of all persons with parental authorisation.

If your child is flying alone, please contact your airline about the options for flying with a chaperone. If you would like your child to fly on their own, the respective airline must be informed for the special care required for children up to the age of 12. Parents or other chaperones may bring their child to the departure gate if they have given the airline prior notice. Please bring your identity documents. When collecting children, your identity must be proven by identity documents.

Upon arrival, the children will be collected from the aircraft by airline staff and then accompanied to the baggage reclaim hall and exit. You will be able to collect your child from here.

Children who transfer to another aircraft at BER will be collected from the aircraft and looked after by airline staff until their onward flight departs.

Please contact your airline for further information. Please find the list of airlines at BER and their contact details here.

Buggy as oversized baggage
Buggy as oversized baggage

What to do with the buggy

The question of how to proceed with the buggy and other bulky baggage often arises. Find answers to your questions.