View on security controls
View on security controls

Security control

What happens at the security control?

Well prepared

through security controls

The security control separates the public area from the airport security area, to which only passengers with a boarding pass have access. 

  • Find out in advance how you can prepare yourself best for the security check.
  • Basically, you can use any security checkpoint in T1 or T2.
  • You will find information on waiting times on the website, in the app and on the monitors.


Each passenger can help to make the security control faster and more relaxed. Good preparation before the flight is the be-all and end-all. 

  • Please enquire with your airline about the rules for hand baggage and pack so that you have liquids and electronic items in your baggage ready to hand for the security check.
  • Only liquids of no more than 100 ml each and 1 litre in total are permitted at security control. Passengers must pack their liquids in accordance with the guidelines in a transparent, resealable 1-litre bag.
    Only one bag per passenger is permitted.
    This should be be placed on top of your cabin baggage so that it can be quickly placed in the security tray for the control. Liquids over 100 ml must be disposed of before the control.
  • Certain items (e.g. weapons, sharp objects such as razor blades, scissors, tools or blunt objects such as baseball bats) have no place in hand baggage. 
  • Prams and buggies that exceed the dimensions 25 cm when folded may not be taken through the security control point, but must be handed in at the large baggage check-in after check-in. 

The regulations for hand baggage, the carrying of liquids and an overview of the prohibited items are clearly presented here: 

These regulations apply to your hand luggage

BER Runway (Terminal 1)

Reserve a time slot free of charge

Book a time slot for access to security control at BER free of charge. BER Runway allows you to go directly to security control 4 in Terminal 1 using an  extra entrance where your booking and boarding pass are checked, therefore avoiding long waiting times. We expect the waiting time to the start of the security control to be around 5 to 10 minutes thanks to the provision of a separate entrance. Bookings are possible from seven days before your flight. You will need your flight number and must enter your name and email address. We recommend that you reserve a time slot at least two hours before departure. For Schengen flights and flights departing from T1, timeslots can be booked up to one hour before departure at the latest, while for non-Schengen flights and flights departing from T2 the last opportunity to reserve a timeslot is no later than 1.5 hours before departure. Please make sure that you arrive at the airport early enough to allow sufficient time to check-in yourself and your baggage before making your way to BER Runway. The time slots are valid 10 minutes before and after the specified time. You can continue to use all general entrances to security control even if you have a reservation for BER Runway or outside the booked time slot.

Reserve now

If you have any questions about the BER Runway, check out our FAQ for answers. Reserve your time slot now directly with our partner CLEAR (

By clicking on "Reserve now" you will leave the BER website and go to the CLEAR / reservation platform.

Reserve now

On site

  • Basically, you can use any security checkpoint in T1 or T2.
  • All departure gates are accessible from each security control.
  • You will find information on waiting times on the website, in the app and on the monitors.

How does the security control work?

  • After check-in and baggage check, go through security and have your boarding pass ready.
  • For final preparations, you can use our Preparation Zones in Terminal 1. 
  • To access the queuing area, passengers must first scan their boarding cards at the readers. After checking in, have your boarding pass ready either on your smartphone or tablet or in printed form. The boarding pass will be checked either by a scanner or by security staff.
  • Outer garments such as coats, scarves, caps, etc. should be removed shortly before your own check-in and kept ready to hand.
Preparation Zone in the Check-in-Hall of T1
Preparation Zone: For final preparations before the security control in Terminal 1.



for the security control (YouTube video)

Download Key Facts

Take a screening tray yourself and put

  1. the hand baggage,
  2. Outerwear (coats, caps, scarves, etc.)
  3. the contents of trouser and clothing pockets (keys, etc.)
  4. electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-book reader, cameras, etc.)
  5. as well as the properly packed and sealed liquid bag
  6. shoes (if addressed by security personnel) 

separately into the screen trays.  When travellers subsequently pass through the security screening, they must not have anything in their hands. Clothing pockets should be completely empty. 

  • After all items have been deposited, the personal screening will take place. Enter the security scanner at the staff’s request, place your feet on the markings and bend arms to the side of the body. If an alarm is triggered, a manual follow-up check is carried out by the security staff. If necessary, this can also be done in a separate cabin. 
  • If you wear a pacemaker operated by a shunt or a valve, please inform the relevant screening staff beforehand.
  • The instructions of the staff must be followed during the entire process. 
  • Jokes about bombs, drugs, weapons or the like are to be refrained from, as the security officers take every threat seriously and investigate it. In case of doubt, access to the security area and thus the flight can be denied. 
  • After a personal screening has been carried out, the checked items can be taken back. If necessary, a follow-up check of the items carried is necessary in the presence of the passenger. 

Non-Schengen departures (especially Israel and USA)

  • For departures to non-Schengen destinations, allow extra waiting time for passport control.
  • Travellers to Israel and the USA are advised to go to the gate early. As part of the enhanced security measures, passengers wishing to fly to these countries must go through a second security screening, for which more time must be allowed. This second security control opens two hours and closes 30 minutes before departure time.   

Everything thought of?

Security control areas in the terminals

Basically, you can use any security control in both terminals. Travellers can find out which security control is least busy on the display boards next to the flight boards on site, on our website and in the Berlin Airport App.

Piktogramm Terminal T1

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has 36 security controls for departing passengers, divided into 5 control areas. The security control areas are located in the central check-in hall and in the two adjacent pavilions.

Piktogramm Terminal T2

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has 8 security controls for departing passengers.

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