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Our BER Lounges Tegel and Tempelhof

Passengers who want to spend their waiting time at BER stylishly in a relaxed atmosphere can book into one of our BER lounges. BER Lounges Tegel and Tempelhof are appealing and exclusive retreats where comfort takes priority. Here you will find a place to relax or a quiet corner to work. Both lounges offer a varied range of food and drink as well as a separate conference room.

Book your place in one of our lounges either directly online or at the airport (if places are available). Find out if you are already entitled to access through your airline’s customer status before booking.

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Person sitting in an armchair reading a newspaper in Lounge Tegel.  ©Ekaterina Zershchikova / Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Located directly opposite Gate B 17, BER Lounge Tegel offers a unique experience with subtle details and distinctive features from the former Tegel Airport. Business travellers will find quiet individual workstations or a separate conference room in Lounge Tegel. The lounge is open from Sunday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

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The entrance to BER Lounge Tempelhof is next to Gate A 20 and is open every day from 5 am to 9.30 pm. Enjoy the view from the lounge through the large panoramic windows onto the apron and the southern runway. All gates are accessible from the lounge. Passport control is located directly in front of the lounge exit.

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Bildschirmabgriff von der interaktiven Karte rund um die Lounge Tempelhof
Bildschirmabgriff von der interaktiven Karte rund um die Lounge Tempelhof

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You will find our BER Lounges Tegel and Tempelhof in the Main Pier.


BER Lounge Tegel

BER Lounge Tempelhof