Traveller at Self Service
Traveller at Self Service

Check-in and Boarding

Information for departing passengers


Easiest online or at the machine

The airport company recommends that all passengers arrive at the respective terminal 2.5 hours prior to departure and proceed to the security check immediately after check-in. 

If possible, check in online or at a self-service machine.


Check-in at a self-service machine

Check-in at a counter

Evening (Check-in or Bag drop)




The most convenient way is to check in online via your airline's app or website. If you are only taking hand luggage with you, you can go directly to the security check.

If you have checked baggage, you can drop it off at the baggage drop-off counters in the terminals.

The airport company recommends that all passengers arrive at the respective terminal 2.5 hours prior to departure and proceed to the security check immediately after check-in. 

Self-Service machines

At BER, passengers can check in and check their baggage themselves. Several airlines offer this service, either for baggage check-in only or additionally for boarding pass printing.

Self-service supports fast passenger handling as well as hygiene measures on site. For this reason, the number of self-service machines at BER has been significantly expanded – a total of 99 machines are available in Terminal 1. In addition, 19 kiosks are in operation in Terminal 2.

You can check in your baggage directly at the check-in counters of the respective airline. Alternatively, you can check in your baggage for all airlines with self-service departing from T1 at check-in counters 811-812. The counter is open from 4:00 am to 09:30 pm.

Airline Self-Service Check-in (Print boarding pass) Self-Service Bag-drop (Baggage check-in) Usage from hours before departure Terminal
Air Baltic   x 2 hrs. T1
Air Dolomiti  x x 24 hrs. T1
Air France x x Self-Service Check-in: 24hrs. / Self-Service Bag-Drop: 12 hrs.
Austrian Airlines x x 24 hrs. T1
Brussels Airlines  x x 24 hrs. T1
easyJet   x Daily opening of all flights until 9.30 a.m. the following day T1
Eurowings x x 2 hrs. T1
(Islands 2 and 4)
KLM x x Self-Service Check-in: 24hrs. / Self-Service Bag-Drop: 12 hrs.
Lufthansa x x 24 hrs. T1
Norwegian Air Shuttle x x 23 hrs. T2
Ryanair   x 2.5 hrs. T2
Swiss x x 24 hrs. T1
United Airlines x   24 hrs. until 70 min. before departure T1
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This is how the self-service works:

  • At the airport, go to your check-in area and there to one of the self-service machines. You can also use any of the other available machines for self-service; these are located on level U1, in the check-in hall or in the pavilions. Select your airline from the logo on the display and, after entering your flight details, check whether your flight is eligible for self-service. 


For various reasons (e.g. connecting flights or complex document checks, non-Schengen flight), your flight may not be cleared for self-service. In this case, please use the regular check-in counter in the same check-in area.

  • Check in independently if your airline offers self-service check-in and print out your boarding pass.


We always recommend checking in online. This way you can upload all the documents required for the flight in advance. You will receive your boarding pass and can bring it with you digitally or printed out and scan it at the self-service machine to check in your baggage.

  • Then print your baggage label. You can easily attach it to the handle of your bag by pressing the adhesive areas on the back of the baggage label together. Attach the label to the long side of the bag.
  • Now go to the bag drop counter of your flight and check in your baggage. Follow the signage on the ground. When placing your baggage label on the baggage carousel, it should be positioned so that it can be easily scanned by the scanners at the top. Your baggage will be weighed at the baggage carousel. If you have excess baggage, you will have to check it in at the staffed counter of your airline and pay additional fees if necessary.

At the Counter

You are also welcome to check in at the counter on site.

You will find the check-in area in T1 on level E1. There are ten check-in islands with a total of 118 counters. If you are travelling with large baggage, you will need to check it in at one of the two large baggage counters. In T2, there are 16 check-in counters and one large baggage counter on level E0. 

You can find information about your check-in counter either on this website in the flight information, in the Berlin Airport App or on the monitors on site.

Evening (Check-in or Bag drop)

  • Evening Bag Drop*
  • Terminal 1
  • Opening time: 6.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.
  • for flights of the following day until 9.30 a.m.

*easyJet recommends that travellers check in online before checking in their baggage the evening before.

more information

  • Evening Check-in
  • Terminal 1
  • Opening time: 5.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
  • for all flights; maximum 23 hours prior to departure
  • Counter 421-426
  • more information


Gate im Terminal T1

Terminal 1

The departure gates in T1 are located on levels E0, E1 and E2. After passing through security, you will enter the central marketplace. From here you can access all departure gates.

Pier North

Terminal 2

After passing through the security check, you reach the Plaza with shops and cafés. From here, cross two bridges to the North Pier. The departure waiting areas are located on level E0.

Tips for check-in and boarding

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