Passengers on the way to the aircraft
Passengers on the way to the aircraft

Check-in and boarding

Information for departing passengers

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Terminal 1 of Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER will open on 31 October 2020. On 25 October 2020, Schönefeld SXF Airport will become Terminal 5 of BER. Travellers flying to and from Berlin (Schönefeld SXF and Tegel TXL airports) until then should visit to find out more about their journey.

What you should know

Check-in and boarding at BER

Please arrive at the terminal from which your flight leaves at least two hours before departure.

Airlines at BER

Check-in: Either mobile or at the counter

There are several options to check in for your flight. Online check-in is the simplest option.

It's most convenient if you check in using your airline's app or website online. If you only have hand baggage, then you can head directly to the security control. If you have hold baggage, you can check it in at the drop-off counters in the terminals.

Nevertheless, please arrive at the terminal from which your flight leaves at least two hours before departure.

You can also do this at the counter when at the airport, if perferred. Your booking documentation states the terminal from which your airline will fly. Upon opening of BER you will be able to find out where your check-in counter is either on this website by clicking on flight information or on the on-site monitors.

Some airlines allow you to check in at self-service kiosks. Simply hand in your hold baggage at a drop-off desk afterwards. 

Some airlines will offer evening check-in at BER. We will inform you on our website of the actual airlines offering this service in time.

Tips for check-in and boarding

Terminal 1

Terminal T1 check-in hall


The Terminal 1 check-in area can found on Level E1. It has ten check-in islands with a total of 118 counters. If you are travelling with oversized baggage then this must be checked in at one of the two oversized baggage counters.

Gate in Terminal T1


The departure gates in T1 are located on Levels E0, E1 and E2. After passing the security controls, you reach the central market square. From here, you can get to all departure gates.

Terminal 2

Terminal T2


At Level E0 in Terminal 2 there are 16 check-in counters and an oversized baggage counter.

Departure gate


After passing the security controls, you reach the plaza with its shops and cafés. From this point, two bridges take you to Pier North. The departure lounges are at Level E0.

Terminal 5

Terminal T5


The check-in counter and oversized baggage counter can be found in Terminal 5 in the terminal areas K, L, and M departures. These areas can be reached on foot. There are also numerous self-serivce kiosks in areas K and M departures.

Terminal T5 departures area


The departure gates in Terminal 5 can be found in terminal areas K, L and M departures. Follow the signs at the airport after the security controls.

Signpost in Terminal T1
Signpost in Terminal T1

At a glance

All site plans of Terminals 1, 2 and 5 for viewing and downloading.

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