Passengers while transferring
Passengers while transferring


Self-Transfer at the airport

Your options for self-transfer transfer at BER

Self-Transfer with VIA BER



Self-transfer transfer has developed into an important way of travelling. With VIABER we offer you detailed information, offers and cooperations on the topic self-transfer at BER.

To make the self-transfer transfer at BER as comfortable as possible, we have described all important process steps for you above. An enlarged view of the individual steps can be found here:

VIABER self-transfer step by step

Terminalwechsel T1/2 und T5

If you are travelling with checked baggage, go to the baggage claim area after leaving the aircraft and collect your baggage. Check your baggage in again for your connecting flight at the airline’s check-in counters. When changing terminals between T1 and T2 with arrival from a non-Schengen area or departure to a non-Schengen area at T1/2, you will pass through a passport and security control. If you have to change between Terminals 1/2 and Terminal 5, you will have to go through the security check in any case and, depending on your destination, through a passport control.

Information on travel times and transfer possibilities between the different terminals at BER can be found here:

Our Terminals

Sicherheitskontrolle - Security control © Günter Wicker / FBB
Sicherheitskontrolle - Security control © Günter Wicker / FBB

Security control

Being well prepared helps you get through the security control quicker and be more relaxed.

If you need help on site or have a question about changing at BER, you are welcome to contact our colleagues at the dedicated VIABER Info-Counters. You will find them in all terminals: 

  • Terminal 1: 
    • Check-in area (1-8), Level E1
    • Market place (secure area), Level E1
    • Non-Schengen departure area (between gates C02 and C03), Level E2
  •  Terminal 2: Check-in area, Level E0
  •  Terminal 5: Section L (Arrival area), Level E0

Site plan VIABER Info-Counter


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