Baggage in Terminal T1 entrance hall
Baggage in Terminal T1 entrance hall


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There are a few things to bear in mind when packing your suitcase. Make sure you are aware of these on time before starting your journey.

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FAQs regarding baggage

This depends on your airline. Airlines set differing requirements regarding baggage allowance. Please contact your airline directly.

If an item of baggage is larger than 100 cm x 75 cm x 45 cm, it is considered to be oversized or special baggage.

In addition, objects and baggage that are heavier than 32 kg are also considered to be oversized or special baggage. Please find out the exact conditions, reporting requirements and fees for transporting oversized or special baggage from your airline before travelling.

These generally include:

  • Bikes
  • Golf bags
  • Wheelchairs
  • Skis
  • Parasols
  • Sporting weapons
  • Surfboards
  • Diving baggage/backpacks
  • Animals registered for transport in transport cases

Oversized baggage counters can be found in all check-in areas.

Your airline or the handling company commissioned on their behalf is responsible for damaged or missing baggage. For such enquiries, please contact your airline directly.

Always keep your valuables on your person or store them in your hand baggage. Airlines only accept limited liability for checked-in baggage. Additional insurance is therefore recommended. Liability conditions are covered in the Montreal Convention. Details can be found here.

The baggage storage is located in Terminal 1 on level U1 (public area).

Most airlines permit hand baggage between 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. However, this may vary between airlines - as can the conditions regarding the maximum number of items of such baggage that are allowed. Please contact your airline directly before travelling.

After baggage is checked in, it undergoes a multi-stage baggage control process. Under certain circumstances, it may be the case that your hold baggage is opened in your absence and objects which cannot be transported may be removed. A paper document with in-depth information is provided with the item of baggage in this case.

When you have landed at BER and left the aircraft, please follow the signs on site to the baggage claim areas. Here you will find monitors indicating on which belt you can pick up your baggage.

Every passenger may only take one lighter on board. The lighter must be on the person. It is forbidden to transport such items in hand or travel baggage. Transport of petrol lighters is generally not permitted unless the wick and the gas have been removed beforehand. Please be aware that your baggage could be opened as part of subsequent follow-up screening.


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