Person in front of suitcase strap with oversized baggage
Person in front of suitcase strap with oversized baggage

Oversized baggage

Where to go with oversized baggage?

Too large and too bulky

for the baggage conveyor system

Items of baggage that cannot be automatically sorted using the baggage conveyor system are designated oversized baggage. 

Special baggage includes, amongst other things, prams, wheelchairs, golf bags, surfboards, bikes, skis, parasols, diving baggage/backpacks and animals registered for transport in transport cases. Please inform yourself about possible weight and size restrictions as well as registration requirements or fees applying for the carriage of oversized and special baggage. Your airline will provide all the required information.

Also pushchairs that exceed 25cm in height when folded up must be checked in. You can obtain a rental buggy, if available due to high demand, from the airport information desk in Terminal 1 (Security area, Market place).

Oversized baggage counter


The oversized baggage counter can be found adjacent to the check-in counters in Terminals 1-2.

Baggage claim

Claiming oversized baggage

In Terminals 1-2, you can receive your overseized baggage centrally in the respective baggage claim hall. Watch out for the “Oversized Baggage” label. 

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