Aircraft on the airfield
Aircraft on the airfield


Where does my airline take off from October 2020 onwards?

From take-off to landing

Be well-informed when travelling

BER has three terminals: T1, T2 and T5. Before flying, find out from which terminal your airline will fly! We recommend that departing passengers appear at the correct terminal in good time, at least two hours before their departure; this applies even if travelling only with hand baggage.

All information about your stay at BER at a glance: BER Guide Service


Flying under corona conditions

Passagierin mit Maske
Passagierin mit Maske

Flying safely under corona conditions

What to consider when flying under corona conditions.

The airport company takes the current health situation very seriously and is working closely with the responsible authorities at state and federal level to protect passengers, visitors, employees and partners from infection and to prevent the spread of the virus.


The rules of behaviour under corona conditions are available for download:

Corona rules

All about your flight

Departures and arrivals

In-depth information on flights to and from BER will be provided on the Departures and arrivals page three days before the airport is commissioned.

Aircraft on the apron
Aircraft on the apron

T1, T2 or T5?

From which terminal will my airline fly? Inform yourself in advance.

At the airport

Passenger during check-in
Passenger during check-in


You can either check in online, at the counter, or at self-service machines.

Baggage and controls

What is allowed as hand baggage? Which controls do you have to expect at the airport?


There are a few things to consider when packing your suitcase.


Here are some tips on how to handle the controls at the airport with ease.

Airport information desk in T1
Airport information desk in T1


Many partners work together at the airport. Here is an initial overview of who is responsible for your query.

News & Stories

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