Security control 4 in terminal 1 of BER airport

Security control 4 (T1)

Checkpoint 4 with access to the gates in Terminal 1/2

Access to the security area

The security control separates the public area from the airport security area, to which only passengers with a boarding pass have access.

At security checkpoint 4 you can currently also find access to BER Runway (access to the security checkpoint with pre-reserved time slot). 

Basically, you can use any security checkpoint in T1 or T2. All departure gates are accessible from each security control. You will find information on waiting times on the website, in the app and on the monitors.

What is allowed in hand baggage, what is not? How can all passengers help to fasten the security checks? These and other information have been compiled here for you:

Well prepared through security controls

Authorities / Controls


Security controls, Security control 4, Level E1
to the left of the airport information desk in the check-in hall

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Site plan security control 4 (T1)
Site plan security control 4 (T1)

More security controls

with access to all gates in T1/T2