Aerial view of Naples, the Old Town and buildings in the foreground, the sea on the right, Mount Vesuvius on the horizon and cumulus clouds in the sky. © pfeifferv/
Luftansicht von Neapel, im Vordergrund sind die Altstadt und Häuser, rechts das Meer, am Horizont zeichnet sich der Vesuv ab, Himmel mit Cumulus-Wolken. © pfeifferv/

Naples – Dance at the Volcano

Published: 04 April 2024, 12:00

Naples embodies the essence of what is associated with Italy in a unique way: a picturesque old town with narrow streets and impressive historical architecture, chaotic traffic, laundry flapping in front of houses, lively and wildly gesticulating locals – and tempting culinary delights on every corner. The city in Campania also impresses with its picturesque location between the Tyrrhenian Sea and Mount Vesuvius.

Naples’ numerous historical sights tell the story of the city’s rich past. The landmark is undoubtedly the Castel dell'Ovo, an old fortress on a small island in the harbor, from which you have a breathtaking view of the coastal region. A visit to this lively metropolis promises unforgettable experiences and a deep insight into the diversity and beauty of Italy.

 Numbers, data, facts 

  • Time difference: none
  • Population: 921.000
  • Official language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

Ten Naples highlights

Ancient sites and picturesque coastline

The southern Italian city is ideally located for exploring the neighbouring volcanic region, including Mount Vesuvius and the legendary city of Pompeii, the picturesque Campania coastline and offshore islands, such as Capri and Ischia. Located south of Naples, the Amalfi Coast stretches over 50 kilometres and combines picturesque villages with spectacular views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Five excursion destinations from Naples

Neapel from BER

Five travel tips for ...

1. It doesn’t get more original than this: pizza Margherita was invented here

2. Pure indulgence: the Neapolitan speciality – deep-fried pizza

3. Leafy and delicate: ricotta-filled, puff pastry shells Sfogliatelle

4. In your hand: arancini – deep-fried rice balls filled with mozzarella

5. Delicious vegetarian: caponata Napoletana, a mixture of roasted Mediterranean vegetables

1. Immerse yourself in everyday life in Naples: stroll through the Vomero district

2. Unique atmosphere: the lively Mercato di Pignasecca market

3. Quiet retreat: Parco Virgiliano on the hill of Posillipo

4. Meeting place for locals: Piazza Bellini with its numerous bars and cafés

5. Snorkelling and diving paradise: the small offshore island of La Gaiola

1. For history buffs: the impressive archaeological museum – Museo Archeologico Nazionale

2. For art connoisseurs: Capodimonte Museum with masterpieces from the 13th to 18th century

3. For modernists: contemporary art at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina

4. For royalists: the Royal Palace Museum in the Palazzo Reale

5. For railway fans: the Museo Ferroviario Nazionale di Pietrarsa railway museum

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