A bay in Corfu © Serenety-H/stock.adobe.com
A bay in Corfu © Serenety-H/stock.adobe.com

The Ionian Islands

Island Hopping on Greece’s West Coast

Published: 13 October 2023, 09:00

Located in the Ionian Sea, the Ionian Islands stretch along the west coast of Greece from Albania in the north to the Peloponnese peninsula in the south. The Greek archipelago comprises a total of around 20 different sized islands and islets. The seven main islands, also called “Heptanesia” by the Greeks, include Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Kythira.

Since the islands belonged to the Republic of Venice until 1797, a Venetian charm still remains to this day, especially on the more southern islands. If you have the time, island hopping is a good way to discover two, three or more islands and their highlights. Whether hidden bays, charming coastal resorts, cypress forests or endless olive groves – the Ionian Islands guarantee a Mediterranean holiday atmosphere at a slowed down pace.

Numbers, data, facts

  • Time difference: + 1 hour
  • Population: 200,000
  • Official language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

Discover the seven main Ionian Islands: from North to South

In focus: Corfu – the green jewel

Those flying directly from BER Airport to the popular holiday island of Corfu will land in the city of Corfu. The island’s capital is considered one of the most enchanting Mediterranean cities. Its charming old town with its winding streets is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s worth spending a few days here. At the same time, the city of Corfu is a wonderful starting point from which to explore the various aspects of Kerkyra – the local’s name for their green island. Greece’s seventh largest island has plenty of white sandy beaches in beautiful bays surrounded by impressive cliffs, pretty villages and countless green olive groves and cypress trees. Whether hiking, horseback riding, cycling tours, sailing or boat trips to attractive diving spots, Corfu is the first port of call for active tourists.

Discover the highlights of Corfu

Ionian Islands from BER

Five travel tips for ...

1. Agios Georgios on Corfu: sheltered bay with water sports

2. Egremni Beach on Lefkada: picturesque, wild and unspoilt

3. Myrtos Beach on Kefalonia: white sandy beach with Caribbean atmosphere

4. Filiatro Beach on Ithaca: perfect for snorkelling

5. Navagio Beach (Smugglers’ Bay) on Zakynthos: access by boat only 

1. Marvel at the rusty shipwreck in Navagio Bay

2. Stroll through the traditional villages of Loucha and Kiliomenos

3. Watch the sea turtles in Laganas Bay

4. Hike up Mount Vrachionas and enjoy the view

5. Discover the Blue Caves on a dive

1. Go kiteboarding at Agios Georgios Beach in Corfu

2. Discover the island of Ithaca by bike

3. Dive into the depths of Kefalonia

4. Have a turtle day with a kayak on Zakynthos

5. Take a sail boat around the Blue Caves of Paxos

Picture source title: © Serenety-H/stock.adobe.com

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