Varna – A Holiday on the Black Sea Coast
Varna – A Holiday on the Black Sea Coast


A Holiday on the Black Sea Coast

Published: 30 June 2023, 10:00

Destination with a Mediterranean atmosphere

If you’re looking for vast, fine sandy beaches, Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is just the place. Golden Sands Beach near Varna is particularly popular because of its fine sand. It’s perfect for sunbathing and swimming here. However, it would be a shame not to explore the area along the coast with its many pretty villages and hinterland with its deep green forest and monasteries. The parties at the coastal resorts are legendary and old towns like Nessebar are a journey back in time.

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast stretches for a total of 378 kilometres from the border with Romania in the north to the southern border with Turkey. The inland sea bordering Asia is up to 2000 metres deep and less salty than the Mediterranean. Varna is one of the larger tourist centres along with Burgas. 

Numbers, data, facts

  • Time difference: + one hour 
  •  Population: 336.000
  •  Official language: Bulgarian
  •  Currency: Bulgarian lev (BGN)

Beautiful sights in and around Varna

Along the coast: excursions from Varna

Those who want to explore a little further along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast will not be disappointed. There are a lot of discoveries to made in coastal area north of Varna in particular. Cape Kaliakra is around an hour’s drive away and is one of the most picturesque places on the Black Sea. Driving further north, you pass pretty villages, small fishing ports and nice restaurants. The protected Lake Durankulak is located near the Romanian border. If you are heading south from Varna, it’s worth visiting the old town of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the fishing village of Chengene Skele. 

Beautiful sights on the Black Sea Coast

Varna from BER

Five travel tips for ...

1.    Take a look at the monks’ chambers at the Aladzha Cave Monastery

2.   Go bird watching at Lake Durankulak 

3.   Recharge your batteries in the Pobiti Kamani stone forest

4.   Enjoy the tranquillity of Balchik’s botanical garden 

5.   Take a hike around Cape Kaliakra

1.    Four kilometres long, golden, legendary: Golden Sands Beach 

2.    Less known, more tranquil: Radjana Beach

3.    Popular with locals: Bolata Beach at Cape Kaliakra

4.    Ideal for families with small children: The flat beach of Albena

5.    Surfing, paddling, kayaking: off to Asparuhovo Beach!

1.    Tarator: a cold cucumber soup for hot days 

2.    Kyopolou: a dip starter made from aubergines

3.    Schopska salad: fresh, healthy and delicious – for every day

4.    Kavarma: a traditional stew for meat lovers

5.    Mussels and fresh fish: a must on the Black Sea

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