Calais, before take-off

Calais, before take-off

by Karlheinz Biederbick

The complete title of this ensemble of bronze figures reads: “Calais, before take-off of the 1911 Circuit of Europe air race, the crew waits for the pilot's signal to release the aircraft”. The artwork recounts a story of people and technology from the early days of flying, and of the struggles that made today's flight operations possible in the first place. It was located at Tegel Airport for many years and now adorns the observation deck of BER.

The sculptor Karlheinz Biederbick, born in Magdeburg in 1934, studied chemistry and sculpture. Today he lives in Berlin.



Check-in areas, Observation deck, Level E4

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Site plan Calais, before take-off T1
Site plan Calais, before take-off Terminal 1