by Rolf Lieberknecht (2021)

The sculpture by Rolf Lieberknecht shows a group of nine paper airplanes cast from lead. They appear light and graceful, as if thrown straight onto the ground. The artwork in the entrance area of Terminal 1 is a variant of the sculpture "L'Albatros," which consisted of only a single plane and was previously installed at the former Tegel Airport. To explain his work, Lieberknecht uses a poem by Baudelaire, which also determined the title of the artwork.

The artist: The sculptor Rolf Lieberknecht, born in 1947 in Mettmann (North Rhine-Westphalia), lives and works in Einsiedel and Berlin.



Train station, Level U1, Level U1

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Site plan L'Albatros T1
Site plan L'Albatros Terminal 1