Der Fall Daidalos und Ikaros

Der Fall Daidalos und Ikaros

by Rolf Scholz (bronze, 1985)

The bronze sculpture, which weighs around 150 kilograms, was at home at Tegel Airport for many years. Now visitors will find it in the entrance area of Terminal 1. With his work, artist Rolf Scholz interprets in his own way the legend of Daedalus and Icarus handed down from antiquity. The figure with its fairy-tale wings, brash aviator's dress, leather cap and goggles is reminiscent of earlier pioneers of aviation in their small, open planes and gives the viewer a sense of timelessness.

The artist Rolf Scholz, born in 1951 in the Palatinate, studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and lives in Berlin.



Train station T1/T2, Level U1, Level U1

Opening hours:

The artwork can be admired around the clock.

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Site plan Der Fall Daidalos und Ikaros T1
Site plan Der Fall Daidalos und Ikaros Terminal 1