Sternentalerhimmel BER T1



Immediately after arriving at Berlin Brandenburg Airport, passengers are greeted by a starry sky in the form of coins embedded in the ground. The temptation is great to bend down and pick them up. The coins from all over the world make up an extensive compendium of pictorial motifs from faraway countries, of travelling and flying. In their arrangement and position, the coins correspond to the constellations of the heavens above the northern and southern hemispheres.

The artwork stands for the openness and diversity of the world, which encompasses people of all nations and cultures, and shows them respect by welcoming them in their respective identities. For as naturally as small change, travellers also carry their identity with them in their mental chest pouches. As a friendly welcome for all those arriving, who may find a small piece of familiar home again as a sparkling starry taler in the imaginary firmament, the artwork is also addressed to those waiting, as a joyful promise of places of longing and distant lands. Following the symbolic intention of the artwork, the embedded coins with all their images, signs and symbols are located as sparkling star talers, as it were sublime, as celestial bodies in the firmament.

The artists: STOEBO stands for the collaboration of the artists Cisca Bogman and Oliver Störmer. The Dutch artist Cisca Bogman works as a painter, sculptor and graphic artist. Oliver Störmer works as an artist, sculptor and art lecturer.



Arrival areas, Arrival 1, Level E0

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Location Map Sternentalerhimmel T1
Location Map Sternentalerhimmel - Terminal 1