THE Magic Carpet BER T1

THE Magic Carpet

by Pae White

When checking in, it is worth taking a look above you: A large, red carpet made of metal mesh flutters through the air of the check-in hall. The work embodies the motif of the flying carpet, which itself comes with all sorts of associations. In the airport, it acts as a membrane between the known and the unknown, reality and imagination, memory and hope.

The artist: Pae White, born in California in 1963, draws inspiration from architecture, craftsmanship and design. Over the years, she has developed her own visual language in numerous book and advertising projects, whose filigree character she also incorporates into the sculptures. Pae White lives and works in Los Angeles.

Pae White, THE Magic Carpet (2012) © Pae White. Courtesy the artist and neugerriemschneider, Berlin 



Check-in areas, Check-in Area 1-8, Level E1

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Location Map "THE Magic Carpet" T1
Location Map "THE Magic Carpet" - Terminal 1