Passenger at platform
Passenger at platform

Public transport

Reaching BER by bus and rail

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER will open on 31 October 2020. Until then, travellers flying to and from Berlin (Airports Schönefeld SXF and Tegel TXL) should visit for more information about their journey.

Fast and convenient

From Berlin to BER several times per hour

Passengers who travel to BER or want to leave it again after their arrival can flexibly choose the right option from numerous bus and train connections.

BER is very well connected to public transport in Berlin and surrounding areas. The Airport Express and regional trains travel between Berlin Hauptbahnhof and “Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2” station several times per hour. The S9 and S45 S-Bahn trains travel every 20 minutes, serving the “Terminal 1-2” and “Terminal 5” stations. Buses are also available.


The regional and long-distance trains stop exclusively at the station "Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2"; the S-Bahn S9 and S45 stop at both airport stations. Passengers departing from Terminal T5 and arriving at "Terminal 1-2" station on regional or long-distance trains should change to the S-Bahn trains there and travel two stops to "Terminal 5" station.

Train approaching the airport railway station below Terminal T1

"Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2” station

The railway station at the airport is directly below Terminal T1 in level U2. The Airport Express and regional trains taken together travel to Berlin Hauptbahnhof four times every hour. The journey takes 30 minutes. In addition, the S9 and S45 S-Bahn train lines connect BER to the city centre, travelling every 20 minutes.

Woman with coffee next to the S-Bahn train

"Flughafen BER - Terminal 5” station

S9 and S45 S-Bahn train lines also stop at the “Terminal 5” station. Those transferring between T1/T2 and T5, please use this connection. The journey takes eight minutes. Regional trains will stop at the station as of 2022.

Expressbus X7

Express buses

Furthermore, the X7 and X71 express buses travel frequently between Rudow (U7) underground station and both terminal locations. The journey will take 18 minutes.

Public transport routes in detail


  • Route: Hauptbahnhof - Gesundbrunnen - Ostkreuz - BER T1
  • Frequency: every 30 minutes


  • Route: Dessau, Bad Belzig - Berlin-Stadtbahn - BER T1 - Wünsdorf-Waldstadt
  • Frequency: every hour


  • Route: Nauen - Berlin-Stadtbahn - BER T1
  • Frequency: every hour


  • Route: Potsdam - Golm - BER T1 - Königs Wusterhausen
  • Frequency: every hour


  • Route: Spandau - Berlin-Stadtbahn - BER T5 - BER T1
  • Frequency: every 20 minutes


  • Route: Südkreuz - BER T5 - BER T1
  • Frequency: every 20 minutes


  • Route: Rudow underground station - BER T5 - BER T1


  • Route: Lichterfeld West/Ost - Buckower Chaussee - Johannisthaler Chaussee - U-Bahnhof Rudow - BER T5 - BER T1

The airport and surrounding area are served with several additional bus routes both heading towards Berlin as well as in the areas around Brandenburg.


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