Eurowings aircraft at BER
Tail unit of an Eurowings aircraft at BER

Fly with Eurowings to Vienna and Zurich

Published: 02 April 2024, 13:06
In the passenger cabin of an aircraft, the seats are covered and a conveyor belt is laid over the backrests of a row of seats, which is used to transport boxes to the rear of the aircraft.

Eurowings now connects BER with the two cultural and economic hubs Vienna and Zurich. Both destinations are served twice a day from Monday to Friday in the morning and evening and once on Sunday evenings. The flight times are interesting for both business and city travellers who can make the most of a working day or weekend.

Vienna – the world’s most liveable city

The Austrian capital is the country’s economic, political, cultural and most populous urban centre. Around one fifth of Austria’s population lives here. Geographically located in the centre of Europe at the intersection of important transport routes and close to the Eastern European markets, Vienna is an attractive location for international companies. The city is a university and research location and an important conference and meeting venue with around 40 international organisations based in Vienna. The quality of life in the green metropolis on the Danube is high and the city is international. Impressive architecture, extensive cultural offerings, coffee house culture and Viennese charm attract around 7.5 million people to the city on the Danube every year.

Zurich – Switzerland’s economic engine

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and its economic and cultural centre. It is a financial centre, university city and conference venue at the same time. Well-known banks and insurance companies, companies from the media and creative industries, from the life sciences, cleantech and information and communication technology industries are based here. The quality of life is high with an international atmosphere and diverse cultural offerings. The location on Lake Zurich with the magical Alpine panorama on the horizon, the pretty, well-preserved medieval old town, a diverse food scene and shopping facilities attract millions of tourists every year.

Eurowings summer timetable

Eurowings will be flying to a total of 40 destinations from BER between April and the end of October. It offers a wide range of destinations, from numerous flights to the Nordic countries (Helsinki, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm) to classic holiday destinations (Palma de Mallorca, Dubrovnik, Bastia) and destinations for visiting friends and relatives (Beirut). In addition to Vienna and Zurich, new additions to the airline’s flight schedule this summer include Yerevan in Armenia (Fridays from 3 May and additionally Saturdays from 13 July), Tivat in Montenegro (Thursdays and Saturdays from 4 May), Tunis in Tunisia (Mondays from 15 July), Adana in Turkey (Tuesdays from 16 July) and Casablanca in Morocco (Sundays from 21 July). Eurowings is offering a total of eight percent more seats this summer than in the 2023 summer schedule.

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