Turquoise water and a white sandy beach on Majorca, surrounded by trees and a white house © pixelliebe/stock.adobe.com
Turquoise water and a white sandy beach on Majorca, surrounded by trees and a white house © pixelliebe/stock.adobe.com

Majorca – A Dream Destination in the Mediterranean

Published: 15 March 2024, 10:00

Majorca not only attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches and diverse nightlife, it also hides treasures off the beaten track, especially at the centre of the island. The authentic side of the island is revealed here, where old villages and picturesque landscapes are the perfect place to relax and spend time. The Serra de Tramuntana is a hiker’s paradise: hidden paths lead to breathtaking views and charming mountain villages.

The vibrant capital Palma and places such as the artists’ village of Deià show the Mediterranean island’s cultural diversity. Majorca is an island of contrasts and surprises that has a lot more to offer than beaches and mass party tourism. Immerse yourself in its hidden riches and experience the true heart of this Mediterranean oasis.

Numbers, data, facts

  • Time difference: none
  • Population: 912.00
  • Official Language: Spanisch
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

Ten Majorca highlights

Majorca off the beaten track

Majorca is most well-known for its varied coastline with white sandy beaches, picturesque bays and pretty little towns by the sea; appropriately, the coastal resorts in particular cater to the needs of tourists. There are numerous places away from this at the centre of the island where unspoilt nature and authentic island life are waiting to be explored.

Five places to experience natural Majorca

Majorca from BER

Five travel tips for ...

1. For spectacular views: Trover de Pedra en Sec in the Tramunata Mountains

2. For ambitious hikers: through the adventure-filled Torrent de Pareis gorge

3. For the best panoramic view: hike to the summit of Puig de Massanella

4. For nature lovers: experience the unique fauna on the island of Dragonera

5. For spiritual people: hike to the Santuari de Cura monastery on the Puig de Randa

1. January: Festa San Sebastian in Palma with bonfires, firewalking and live concerts

2. February/March: Sa Rua and Sa Rueta – Carnival with parades and celebrations 

3. May: Es Firó in Sóller with parades, concerts and fireworks

4. June: Noche de San Juan with bonfires on the beaches

5. September: Fira de Vi with wine stomping and grape battle in Binissalem

1. Tombet: aubergine, potatoes and peppers cooked in a clay pot

2. Sobrasada: pork sausage spread strongly seasoned with paprika

3. Coca de Trampó: Majorcan pizza topped with tomatoes, peppers and olive oil

4. Gató de almendras: moist Majorcan almond cake

5. Ensaïmada: spiral-shaped, sweet yeast-raised pastry for breakfast or as a snack

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