View of Trieste city centre: elegant buildings and palaces along a canal in which they are reflected, street cafés with parasols and plants.
View of Trieste city centre: elegant buildings and palaces along a canal in which they are reflected, street cafés with parasols and plants.

Trieste – A Place of Longing on the Adriatic

Published: 12 April 2024, 12:00

The northern Italian coastal city of Trieste is often compared to Vienna because of its abundance of elegant, magnificent buildings, glamorous city palaces and traditional coffee houses. Thanks to its direct location on the northern Adriatic coast and the beautiful Canal Grande, Trieste also impresses visitors with its maritime charm and Mediterranean atmosphere. As soon as it gets warmer, the beach promenades and bathing piers on the Adriatic become popular meeting spots for the locals.  

The capital of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is located in the north-easternmost corner of Italy and, therefore, very close to the Slovenian border. A visit to Trieste can be perfectly combined with a trip to the neighbouring countries of Slovenia and Croatia. Cruises also depart regularly from Trieste along the Adriatic and to other destinations in the Mediterranean. 

Numbers, datas, facts

  • Time difference: none
  • Population: 200.000
  • Official language: Italienisch
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

The best of Trieste

Between the Alps, the Adriatic and the Balkans

Italy’s north-easternmost region is characterised by its diverse landscape. The Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Friuli for short, borders the Carnic and Julian Alps to the north, Slovenia to the east, the Veneto region to the west and, not be overlooked, the Mediterranean influence of the Italian Adriatic coast with its beautiful long beaches and lagoons to the south. In between, there are vast forests, turquoise-coloured mountain lakes and picturesque towns, such as Udine, Muggia and Aquileia. The Balkan countries of Slovenia and Croatia, and notably the popular Istrian peninsula, are within easy reach. Another highlight is the Strada Costiera coastal road along the Trieste Riviera with its wonderful views and beaches for swimming. Trieste is the perfect place if you want to combine a city trip with excursions, hikes and beaches. 

Places to go around Trieste

Triest from BER

Five travel tips for ...

1. Stroll along the Canal Grande at sunset

2. Walk up to the Castello di San Giusto from the city centre

3. Walk the Rilke Trail connecting Sistiana to Duino along the cliffs

4. Walk along the Strada Napoleonica on the mountain path

5. Hike the limestone plateau of the Slovenian Karst mountains

1. From Strada Vincentina in the afternoon

2. The Molo Audace at sunrise

3. Bird’s eye view from the Faro della Vittoria (lighthouse)

4. Miramare Castle offers majestic views

5. Cooling down and wet feet included: the Barcola waterfront promenade

1. Drink “un giocciato” (espresso with milk foam) at the counter

2. Spend some time in one of the traditional coffee houses (locali storici)

3. Enjoy a speciality coffee in the elegant Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia

4. Try coffee with ginseng or even schnapps

5. Learn more about its history at the coffee museum 

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