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Tromsø – Capital of the Northern Lights

Published: 08 December 2023, 13:00

The municipality of Tromsø, which is made up of the city of the same name and several surrounding islands, attracts visitors with a wealth of spectacular experiences: the fascinating northern lights can be seen particularly intensely and frequently here thanks to its location beyond the Arctic Circle. As the gateway to the Arctic, the region is a real natural paradise: the coastline, characterised by deep fjords, is perfect for whale watching and fjord cruises and Arctic animals, such as reindeer and Arctic foxes, can be spotted in the extensive landscapes. The nearby Lyngen Alps offer excellent opportunities for multi-day ski tours and mountain hikes. Tromsø itself impresses visitors with its modern architecture – prime examples include the Arctic Cathedral and the Polaria Arctic Experience Centre. The summer months offer midnight concerts and endless days, while winter bathes the city in the magical northern lights.

Numbers, data, facts 

  • Time difference: none
  • Population: 78.000
  • Official language: Norwegian
  • Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Ten Tromsø highlights

Arctic activities

Tromsø’s special Arctic location offers exciting opportunities to familiarise yourself with life in the far north and its fascinating nature. In addition seeing the northern lights – which can be seen particularly well in the winter months from October to March – Tromsø and the Troms region offer numerous other special nature experiences and extraordinary activities. 

Five special experiences in and around Tromsø

Tromsø from BER

Five travel tips for ...

1. The world’s northernmost university: the Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

2. The northernmost brewery in the world: Macks Ølbryggeri

3. The northernmost cathedral in the world: the Arctic Cathedral

4. The world's northernmost zoo: Polar Park, just under two hours from Tromsø

5. The northernmost botanical garden: The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden Tromsø

1. Taste Arctic seafood, such as king crab and Arctic mussels

2. A culinary must: Try reindeer meat as steak or goulash

3. Eat the Norwegian speciality bacalao, salted and dried cod

4. Enjoy a dessert with Arctic berries and wild fruits

5. Discover the diversity of local craft beers

1. Visit majestic mountains and picturesque fishing villages on Senja, south of Tromsø

2. Kvaløya offers diverse landscapes and is a good place to look at the northern lights

3. Climb the Arctic Alps on Ringvassøya north of Tromsø

4. Discover unspoilt nature and rich bird life on Reinøya

5. Explore beautiful beaches, forests and hiking trails on Grindøya

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