Talinn Boris Stroujko / © Adobe Stock
Talinn Boris Stroujko / © Adobe Stock

Medieval meets modern in Tallinn

Published: 19 May 2023, 08:00

Tallinn’s historical Old Town alone is worth a visit: amidst the narrow alleyways, cobbled streets, Gothic churches and well-preserved buildings, you are immediately immersed in a bygone age Estonia also has a turbulent history; in recent centuries, the country has belonged to Denmark, Sweden and the Soviet Union. All of these cultures have left traces here, which can be found in the architecture, the language and the food. In addition to its historical heritage, Tallinn also has a varied, young creative scene and an attractive location directly on the Baltic Sea.

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  •  Time difference: + one hour 
  •  Population: 435.000
  •  Official Language: Estonia
  •  Currency: Euro

Ten historical highlights in Tallinn

Tallinn’s varied creative scene

In recent years, Tallinn has become a real mecca for young and creative people looking for inspiration and new experiences. Numerous places throughout the city showcase examples of the vibrant creative scene that attracts people from all over the world. There are art installations and street art everywhere; Tallinn also has a thriving music scene with numerous clubs and venues in which live music is performed. In addition to the historic Old Town, the vibrant cultural life is another reason to definitely pay a visit to the Estonian metropolis!

Young and creative Tallinn: five highlights

Tallinn from BER

Five travel tips for...

1. The 2.5-kilometre-long Pirita Beach is located just 15 minutes from the city centre.

2. Around seven kilometres west of the city centre is the family-friendly Stroomi Beach with shallow waters.

3. Kakumäe Beach boasts crystal-clear waters and beautiful surroundings and is around 15 kilometres west of the city.

4. Laulasmaa has a wide sandy beach about 30 kilometres west of Tallinn

5. Around 25 kilometres east of the city centre on a peninsula is the picturesque Kaberneeme Beach

1. Refreshing and tasty: the non-alcoholic drink kvass, made from fermented rye bread.

2. Smoked, fried, pickled: fish of all kinds, especially sprats and herring, which come from the Baltic Sea.

3. Nutty and nutritious: kama is a roasted porridge eaten for breakfast or as a dessert

4. Filling and omnipresent: savoury rye bread is almost considered to be a national treasure in Estonia

5. Protein-rich and crunchy: kohuke, a chocolate-covered, curd cheese snack

1. Superb jazz music at the legendary Philly Joe’s Jazz Club

2. Experience international artists and bands at the Rock Cafe

3. Regular jazz concerts are also held at Clazz

4. Bar Sinilind is a popular place for good drinks and live music 

5. Erinevate Tubade Klubi (ETK) holds many concerts and other cultural events

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