Georgian Airways Puts Tbilisi Back on the Map
Georgian Airways Puts Tbilisi Back on the Map

Georgian Airways

to Tbilisi 

Published: 26 June 2023, 11:00

Georgian Airways puts Tbilisi back on the Map

Georgian Airways is now reinstating its direct routes from BER to Tbilisi in its flight schedule. The capital of Georgia is served every Wednesday and Saturday. On both days, flights depart from BER at 14:40 hrs. and arrive at Tbilisi airport at 20:30 hrs. local time. Return flights to BER leave Tbilisi at 11:30 hrs. and arrive at 13:40 hrs. The route is served by a Boeing 737. Flight time is around four hours.

Georgia's capital Tbilisi: A Mix of Orient and Occident

Georgia is a real insider tip. The country between the Caucasus and the Black Sea offers travellers a wealth of cultural treasures, UNESCO World Heritage sites and a dreamlike nature. Right in the middle is the capital Tbilisi with its winding old town, colourful Art Nouveau houses and an unmistakable mix of Orient and Occident. A wonderful view of the Caucasian metropolis is offered by the 750-metre-high local mountain Mtatsminda, which can be reached by gondola. With unusual architecture such as the Mschwidobis Chidi Peace Bridge, imposing cathedrals or the famous sulphur baths – Tbilisi very unique charm is enchanting. 

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