BER becomes a
Sunflower Airport

Published: 15 February 2023, 15:40

People with hidden disabilities should be able to use all travel options at BER without any restriction. With the help of the lanyard, wearers are given the opportunity to clearly signal that they have a hidden disability. That’s why BER was the first German airport to introduce the Sunflower lanyard. It is an internationally recognised symbol for hidden disabilities. It gives the wearer the opportunity to clearly signal that they have a hidden disability and may need additional assistance, as well as time or just a little patience during their stay at the airport.

For people with hidden disabilities, it is often a big challenge to get from one place to another or through spaces or places with lots of people, like the airport, for example. Just because you cannot see something does not mean it is not there. What all invisible or even hidden disabilities have in common is that they are not immediately recognisable to outsiders.

Where is the Sunflower lanyard available from?

The Sunflower lanyard is available from all passenger information desks in Terminals 1 and 2 and from Mobility Service. Passengers and interested parties can simply ask for the Sunflower lanyard there. The employees will provide it free of charge and without further questions or proof.

What are hidden disabilities?

The spectrum of hidden disabilities is broad: Parkinson's, ADHD, autism, cognitive impairments (e.g. learning difficulties, dyslexia and dementia), mental illnesses, anxiety disorders as well as speech and visual impairments or hearing loss are just as much a part of this as respiratory diseases, chronic conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes, chronic pain) and sleep disorders that cause this significantly affect daily life. Many people also have a combination of visible and non-visible impairments and diseases.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower-Programme

The Sunflower lanyard was launched in 2016 at London Gatwick Airport as a symbol for hidden disabilities. The Sunflower symbol was designed to give people with hidden disabilities the ability to make the invisible visible, and to make airport comfort and travel easier.

The company “Hidden Disabilities Sunflower” was founded in the UK to meet the rapidly growing demand for support from people with hidden disabilities. It is now widely recognised in many sectors, including travel. Today, the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower works to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and improve disability inclusion worldwide.

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