Man working in the Berlin Pub
Man working in the Berlin Pub

Beer specialities and coworking with apron views

Published: 05 January 2023, 12:30

A freshly pulled beer with a view of the apron: that’s what’s on offer at the new Berlin Pub at Gate B 20 in Terminal 1, which opened at the end of 2022. Passengers can experience Berlin’s rustic and charming pub culture over a Berliner Weiße, a pilsner or a curry sausage in an authentic way before take-off. The Berlin Pub is located on Level E1 in the BER security area.

The Berlin Pub’s coworking space also offers workplaces with plenty of room. Passengers can use the time before take-off to write one last email or prepare for a meeting while having a drink.

At Gate B 42/B 43, behind the passport controls, another Berlin Pub offers food in a relaxed atmosphere.

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