Landscape with the airport BER in the background
Landscape with the airport BER in the background

T1/T2 and T5

Three terminals, two locations

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER will open on 31 October 2020. Until then, travellers flying to and from Berlin (Airports Schönefeld SXF and Tegel TXL) should visit for more information about their journey.

Three terminals at BER

T1, T2, T5

Terminals T1 and T2 are centrally located between both runways. Terminal T5 is located on the northern edge of the airport. All terminals can be very easily reached either by car or via public transport.

Terminal transfer

Use public transport for the transfer between Terminals T1/T2 and T5.

Terminal transfer with the S-Bahn train

Plan sufficient time for the transfer between Terminals T1/T2 and T5! Both the S9 and S45 S-bahn train lines can be used for the transfer, as well as buses and taxis. The "Flughafen BER - Terminals 1-2” station is located directly beneath T1.  At Terminal T5, the walk to “Flughafen BER - Terminal 5” station takes around 10 minutes.

8 min.
Transfer via S-Bahn
9 min.
Transfer by bus
10 min.
Short distance taxi
10 min.
Transfer by car

Terminal T1

Where do I find what?

  • Visitor’s terrace (access via the gallery in the check-in hall)

Download terminal map Terminal T1 Level E4

  • Not accessible for passengers and visitors

  • Non-Schengen departures
  • Food court
  • Lounges, smoker's lounge

Download terminal map Terminal T1 Level E2

  • Check-in
  • Security checks
  • Market place
  • Departures from Schengen states
  • Access to the lounges

Download terminal map Terminal T1 Level E1

  • Arrival gates
  • Baggage claim
  • Arrival hall
  • Bus stops

Download terminal map Terminal T1 Level E0

  • Transfer from Terminal T1 to Airport City

  • "Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2" station

Things to know
about Terminal T1

Terminal T1 is the centrally located main building at the airport. The Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt railway station is located in the terminal basement. The terminal can be reached by bus, regional trains, S-bahn trains, and car. Several car parks and multi-storey car parks are available.

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Terminal T1 has ten check-in islands with a total of 118 counters. If you have already checked in and are travelling with hand luggage only, go directly to the security checkpoints. T1 offers 36 security checkpoints for departing passengers and five more for transfer passengers.

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Das Terminal T1 verfügt über ein breites Angebot an Shops, Gastronomie und Service-Einrichtungen. Herzstück ist der rund 9.000 Quadratmeter große Marktplatz direkt nach der Sicherheitskontrolle.

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Terminal T2

Terminal T5

  • E0 check-in, security control
  • E0, E1 departure gates

  • E0 arrival, travel shop, shops, baggage claims
  • E1 check-in, security controls, departures

  • E0 check-in, security controls, departures

  • E0 baggage claims, arrivals

  • E0 security controls

Things to know
about Terminal T5

Terminal T5 is located in the northern part of the airport. By train you can reach the T5 via the station "Flughafen BER - Terminal 5".  The walk between the station and the terminal takes about five minutes. By car you can reach the parking areas at terminal T5 via the road B96a or the A113 highway, exit "Schönefeld Süd".

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The T5 terminal has five areas. Check-in takes place in the areas K, L and M Departure. You can also arrive at Terminal Area M Arrival. If you are travelling with hand baggage only, you can also use the security check in Terminal Area Q.

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Terminal T5 also offers a wide range of shops, catering and service facilities.

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Signpost in Terminal T1
Signpost in Terminal T1

Site plans

Where are the terminals located? How are the terminals structured? Don’t lose sight of things - our airport maps help you get around BER.