Traffic notices in the air
Traffic notices in the air

Traffic notices in the air

Published: 08 March 2021, 11:00 AM

Project to develop software for air traffic notices launched

Roadworks, diversions, weather effects and new routes – traffic is subject to constant changes. What everyone knows applies to road traffic also affects aviation. For flight traffic, changes in the environment can also have safety-critical effects. To ensure constant safety both on the ground and in the air, so-called NOTAMs (notice to airmen) are published as traffic notices. The high number of relevant NOTAMs in modern flight operations together with poor filtering options present the pilots with the challenging task of finding relevant and right information quickly and clearly.  

Verkehrsmeldungen in der Luft


To ensure that the NOTAMs – the traffic notices for flight operations – can be created and processed completely digitally in the future, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH and GmbH are joining forces for a project. Together, they are working on the development of software support. 

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

Verkehrsmeldungen in der Luft



The goal of this collaborative effort is a program with which NOTAMs can be directly loaded onto the aviation “navigation device”, the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), and displayed there in a user-friendly way. 

By displaying all important NOTAMs, flight personnel can be optimally supported as they pay constant attention to messages on their respective routes. At the same time, the digital information should significantly boost the efficiency of pilots’ flight planning.


Further information on the project is available on the websites of the BMVI, GmbH and HFC Human-Factors-Consult GmbH:


Erfassung und Bereitstellung von digitalen NOTAMs im Flugverkehr (DE) 

Digitalization in aviation

The goal of the project


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