Kiss & Fly
Kiss & Fly

Kiss & Fly

Published: 11 December 2020, 09:00 AM

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Kiss & Fly

People bringing or picking up passengers can stop in front of Terminal 1 for 10 minutes free of charge.

Those who bring their loved ones, guests or business partners to Terminal 1 or pick them up can do so easily and stress-free. In order to prevent traffic and congestion on the departures and arrivals level, and to ensure the smoothest possible traffic flow, a barrier system with automatic number plate recognition has been introduced on both levels of the drop-off and pick-up zone. On both the departures and arrivals levels, there are around 140 bays for getting in and out of the car and for loading and unloading luggage. In keeping with the name Kiss & Fly, the stay is free of charge for 10 minutes. If this time is exceeded, a fee of 3 euros per 15 minutes will be charged, and from 2 hours onwards a fee 12 euros per hour will be charged. 

How it works:

1.    Follow the signs and drive to the departures level (E1) or arrivals level (E0).

2.    Drive slowly up to the barrier, the number plate will be scanned and the barrier will open automatically.

3.    Drive through the open barrier. You do not need a ticket; your number plate is your ticket.

4.    Kiss & Fly: stop, unload and say goodbye or stop, greet and load.

5.    If the period of ten minutes is exceeded, enter your number plate at the pay station and pay the stopping fee. No ticket will be issued. The payment is automatically recorded.

6.    Then proceed to the exit. The number plate will be scanned automatically again and the barrier will open automatically when the vehicle approaches. 

Parking at BER

We have the car park. You have the choice.