Station BER T1-2
Station BER T1-2

Restrictions on
rail traffic

Published: 29 June 2021, 10:30 AM
Updated: 04 November 2021, 03:00 PM

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Warning strikes in rail traffic

2 – 7 September 2021

Deutsche Bahn informs that due to strikes there will be restrictions in passenger transport from 2 September, 2 am. The strikes are expected to last until 2 a.m. on 7 September. Please take this into account when travelling to/from the airport.

Please inform yourself at:

To enable our passengers to travel to and from BER despite the rail strike, additional taxis from Berlin will be driving to BER until the strike ends. You will find the additional taxis on arrival level E0, on one of the outer lanes. Follow the signs on site.

Restrictions due to construction

on regional train lines FEX, RE7 and RB14 as well as S9

In November, train lines will be diverted due to work on the control and safety technology on the eastern connection (Bohnsdorf West) and due to work on the points at Treptower Park station.

  • The regional train lines FEX, RE7 and RB14 between Berlin and BER Terminal 1-2 will be diverted to BER Terminal 5 between 7 November and 12 November. The stop at Ostkreuz station will also be cancelled during this period.
  • The S-Bahn line S9 will not run as usual via the Berliner Stadtbahn from 19 November to 22 November, but will be diverted via the Berliner Südring. The S9 will start/end at Südkreuz or Hermannstraße station.
  • Please also note that in November there will be further diversions and cancellations on the routes of the regional train lines RE7 and RB14. This mainly affects the off-peak times.

Travel planning

Please inform yourself in good time via the website or the app from Deutsche Bahn about current travel options . More

Passenger in front of S-Bahn
Passenger in front of S-Bahn

Public transport

You can find more information on how to reach BER by public transport here.