Farewell Tegel
Farewell Tegel


Closure of Tegel Airport

Published: 06 November 2020, 10:22 AM
Updated: 08 November 2020, 11:53 AM

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Berlin bids farewell

to Tegel Airport

The last scheduled flights left Tegel Airport on 6 and 7 November 2020. At 3pm on 8 November, an Air France aircraft took off from TXL for the very last time. This marks the end of seven decades of aviation history. We have compiled the most beautiful impressions of the past decades and last days for you.

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Danke Tegel

in Video

The last days as airport TXL



8 November

Last day as airport TXL

The last day in 60 seconds

Good night

The TXL era comes to an end. The move to BER is done. An emotional day is drawing to a close. #DankeTXL #helloBER

Lights off in TXL

7:48 pm – Time to switch off the light


the light is switched off (Video)

Source reference: BER / photothek.de
Source reference: BER / photothek.de
Au revoir

The last flight from TXL with Air France (Video)

Not to be missed – Handling of the AF1235

Passengers on the flight to Paris are requested to proceed to their departure gate.

AF1235 departs from TXL to Paris CDG in the afternoon.
AF1235 departs from TXL to Paris CDG in the afternoon.

Night of 8 November

The last Night-Stopper in #TXL is ready for departure at 3pm.

7 November

The last scheduled flights take off in TXL

In the evening


Last LH departure from TXL (video)

Farewell KLM

last departure in the video

Source reference: BER
Source reference: BER / photothek.de

During the day

Last flight of TAP from TXL


6 November

The first airlines bid farewell to TXL

At a glance

Impressions of the last days

Numerous farewells

in 30 seconds (Video)


Hello and Goodbye (Video)

TXL has impressed and created stories



Photo Impressions of TXL operation

Whether evening or autumn mood or all street signs leading to the airport Berlin-Tegel – TXL was always a great photo motive


Special moments of the last 10 years

Highlights from
70 years TXL

Berlin-Tegel Airport with over seventy years of aviation history: from its beginnings during the Berlin Airlift in 1948 through the revolutionary new building in the 1970s to its new role as the capital's airport after reunification.