Capitol Building with reflection pool
Capitol Building with reflection pool

Washington D.C.

The Heart of the Capital Region 

Published: 03 November 2022, 08:00 AM

This is where the heart of the capital region beats: Washington D.C. is the political centre of the USA and, despite the similarity in its name, must not be confused with the state of Washington in the north-west of the USA. Washington D.C. is located on the East Coast between the states of Maryland and Virginia. Both were named after George Washington, the first US president. Those who live in the capital simply say “D.C.”. The abbreviation stands for District of Columbia and refers to the metropolitan area. 

Numbers, data, facts

  • Time difference: - six hours
  • Population: 700,000
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: US Dollar (USD)

The seat of government, the Capitol Building, towers over the city, which is very spacious with plenty of open green spaces. One of the most famous avenues is the three-kilometre-long National Mall. This is where you will find the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the marble tower of the Washington Monument. The National Mall is a great place to walk, skate and jog. The city, located on the Potomac River, has an international atmosphere, which can be seen in its diverse restaurant and cultural scene.

Washington D.C. in ten pictures

Discover the capital region from Washington D.C.

The US capital is nestled between the two states of Maryland and Virginia. The capital region can be ideally explored from Washington D.C. Located on the Atlantic coast, the state of Maryland offers picturesque water landscapes, such as the huge Chesapeake Bay estuary, pretty sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and the sailing waters around Annapolis. It is also worth taking a detour to Baltimore, famous for its colourful neighbourhoods and rich museum landscape.

Virginia is one of the country’s most beautiful states. Its national parks, such as Shenandoah National Park, are very extensive and offer wonderful hiking routes. You can enjoy the most beautiful views of nature on the 750-kilometre Blue Ridge Parkway. The scenic road passes through Charlottesville, where you can explore Monticello, the estate of the third US President Thomas Jefferson, and visit vineyards. 

Discover Maryland and Virginia from Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. from BER

Five travel tips for …

1.    Visit the Capitol Building during a session

2.    Enjoy the view of D.C. from the Washington Monument

3.    Visit the marble statue of the 16th president at the Lincoln Memorial

4.    Take a selfie in front of the White House

5.    Go shopping at the Eastern Market 

1.    Look at a book in the Library of Congress’ reading room 

2.    Walk the three-kilometre National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building

3.    Listen to the free jazz concerts on Fridays at the National Gallery

4.    Attend a hearing at the Supreme Court

5.    Visit museums – many of them are free to enter!

1.    Discover rare plants in the Botanical Garden

2.    Walk across the footbridge to Theodore Roosevelt Island

3.    Walk or cycle in Rock Creek Park

4.    Have a picnic at Meridian Hill Park

5.    Go hiking in the Great Falls National Park 

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