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BER Runway

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BER Runway: a new service from the airport company

Published: 25 August 2022, 04:15 PM

Passengers at BER can now enjoy extra access to security control. The airport company is offering all passengers the chance to use the new BER Runway service. Passengers can reserve a time slot online for separate access to the Terminal 1 security controls, reducing possible waiting times. This allows passengers to plan their stay at the airport more reliably, therefore making their journey less stressful. The BER Runway service is free to use.  

How BER Runway works:

  • A BER Runway reservation can be made on our website from 72 hours to one hour before the respective departure for Schengen flights or from 72 hours to 1.5 hours before departure for non-Schengen flights. Slots are offered in a time window of 60 to 360 minutes before departure. The flight number and email address must be provided when reserving a time slot.
  • A time slot can be selected at a fixed time every 15 minutes. The entrance to BER Runway is shown in the terminal. It can be used from 10 minutes before or until 10 minutes after the selected time. The reservation and boarding card are checked before entering.
  • The airport company also recommends that all passengers arrive at their respective terminal 2.5 hours before departure. However, with BER Runway the time required can be significantly reduced and the stay in the terminal better calculated. Passengers should note that they should plan enough time for check-in and baggage drop-off before entering BER Runway. 
  • All Runway passengers can also use the general entrances to the security control despite having a reservation. Passengers are then asked to cancel the reservation.

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