BER Terminal 1 PAX
BER Terminal 1 PAX

Backstage: in the terminal at BER

Published: 23 August 2022, 02:00 PM

The urge to travel took off again in the 2022 summer holidays. To ensure that things run as smoothly as possible at BER Airport, the airport company’s operational areas made intensive preparations with all service providers and partners. Furthermore, a number of projects were initiated at BER to expedite passenger processes and improve the experience at BER.

Digital self-service offers at BER were well received by passengers during the summer holidays. All in all, holiday-related traffic has confirmed for the partners at BER and the airport company that the joint, intensive preparations were important and have been effective.

In several videos, we show what preparations were made for summer 2022 and how this was another step towards optimising processes and services at BER.

Backstage Berlin Airport: moving walkways

Together with his team, project manager for moving walkway maintenance Paul Klonowsky ensured that routes at BER are shorter again. Eight of the 17 moving walkways went back into operation in time for the start of the summer holidays. Work on the remaining systems will begin after the summer holidays. All moving walkways will be available to passengers within the second half of the year. You can find out the exact background on moving walkway maintenance in the backstage video from BER. Backstage check-in hall renovation

Backstage Berlin Airport: T1 check-in hall renovation

Over the last few months, BER Terminal 1’s check-in hall has been renovated to make the processes more convenient for our passengers and to improve passenger flow. Torsten Simon, facility management coordinator, explains in the backstage video which measures were specifically implemented and how they contribute to optimising processes. Backstage toilet and washroom facilities.

Backstage Berlin Airport: security control preparation

For summer travel 2022, our teams have installed preparation tables in Terminal 1 where passengers can check their cabin baggage one last time. Find out more in the video.

Backstage Berlin Airport: toilet and washroom facilities

Our infrastructural facility management looks after more than 830 toilet and washroom facilities at the BER campus; 350 of them in Terminal 1 alone. The facilities used by most travellers in T1 were refurbished for the summer holidays. We have also installed a team that checks quality around the clock and works closely together with the cleaning service provider.

Backstage Berlin Airport: self-service kiosk

Passengers at BER can check themselves in and drop-off their baggage independently. Several airlines offer this service, either for baggage drop-off only or additionally for printing their boarding card.

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