Vorbereitung für die Eröffnung des Terminal 2
Vorbereitung für die Eröffnung des Terminal 2

Terminal 2

Published: 23 February 2022, 10:30

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Preparation for the opening of Terminal 2

Terminal 2 will go into operation at BER at the end of March. The airport company and the participating partner companies have been preparing for this for several months. Terminal 2 serves as a check-in building for departures and arrivals. It is connected to the gate areas of Pier Nord in Terminal 1 via two bridges. T2 was completed at the end of September 2020 before the opening of BER. 


It has not yet opened due to the low number of passengers during the coronavirus pandemic. In preparation for increasing passenger numbers in 2022, the airport company will open the terminal at the end of March.

An initial trial run took place on February 16 with airport employees. The so-called area trial was intended to examine passenger routes more closely. How do passengers find their way from the train station or multi-storey car park to Terminal 2, how well does queuing at the check-in machines or the security checkpoint work, and are all the facilities in the terminal easy to find? 



The extras roleplayed departure, arrival and pickup processes. All trial runs were observed and evaluated on-site by the relevant specialist departments and process partners. In addition, all participants were asked to provide detailed feedback via questionnaire.

The next step before commissioning is the activation of the security border that divides the terminal into airside and landside areas. A security search began on February 21. This ensures that there are no longer any dangerous/prohibited objects within the building's former operating areas. 

Terminal 2

The security search is planned to cover five days and will be carried out by airport security with the support of the Federal Police and the Joint Upper Aviation Authority Berlin Brandenburg (LuBB). All rooms and areas that will be within the future security area must be searched. 

This involves approx. 23,000 square metres of terminal space (baggage conveyor system, technical control cabinets, leased areas, etc.) as well as the adjacent outdoor area covering approx. 7,000 square metres.