Passengers at BER
Passengers at BER

Travel advice for passengers

Published: 16 December 2021, 10:35 AM
Updated: 18 January 2022, 04:10 PM

Due to the Corona-related security demands and the currently valid distancing and hygiene regulations, the processes at the check-in counters and security checks continue to take longer than usual. The airport operating company therefore requests all passengers to make good preparations for their journey. In order to avoid additional waiting times it is important to inform oneself of the currently valid regulations of the airline, holiday destination and, if applicable, the transit country and to have all documents complete and close at hand.

All persons in the terminal, i.e. arriving and departing passengers, as well as people collecting passengers and visitors to the airport, are required to wear a medical mask. All travellers are also required to carry proof that they are NOT infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (proof of testing, vaccination or recovery) at the time of travel. Additional proof may be required depending on the country of destination.

Passengers can take advantage of a wide range of services at the airport. The 2G+ rule (Double Vaccinated or Recovered + Vaccinated or Tested for all customers who wish to consume beverages and food at their seat) applies for access to the lounges and some of the catering services. The 2G rule (Double Vaccinated or Recovered) applies to all retail offers. Shops that serve basic needs, such as grocery shops, pharmacies, newsagents, etc. are exempt.

The most important Travel Tips for Passengers

Before Arrival at the Airport

Passengers are requested to:

  • Inform themselves in good time of the travelling conditions and entry requirements in their destination country and for their return
  • Inform themselves about journeying to BER and to pay heed to the fact that the 3G-Regulation applies in public transport
  • Check their flight status with the airline beforehand
  • Check their travel documents and to have them complete and close at hand at all times. In addition to the papers for their flight, passengers require a digital vaccination certificate and –depending on the destination country – an entry registration in either digital or paper form
  • Have, if applicable, the necessary Corona test done within the prescribed period
  • Pack correctly – only one piece of hand luggage per passenger, please.

On the Spot

Passengers are requested to:

  • Be in the terminal at least two hours prior to their departure time 
  • Keep their distance from other travellers
  • Wear a form of medical mouth and nose protection in the terminal
  • Note that the 2G+ or 2G rule applies in restaurants, shops and lounges at BER. That means, passengers have to be Double Vaccinated or Recovered (+ Vaccinated or Tested) to use this services. Shops that serve basic needs, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, newsagents are exempt from this rule.
  • Pay heed to the fact that the 3G-Regulation applies in the aircraft, i.e. all travellers, both in this country and abroad, are subject to an obligation to have with them proof that they, at the time of embarking upon their journey, are not infected with the Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (Test, Vaccination or Recovered Person’s Certificate). Children under the age of 12 are exempt from this obligation
  • Go through the security check directly after checking in and registering their luggage and to have their boarding cards at the ready before passing through the boarding card check
  • Pay attention to the waiting times indicated for the security checks (either on the spot or on the website) and to proceed to the checkpoint with the shortest waiting times

Automated Luggage Check-In

In order to enable the processes at the airport to be carried out contact-free to the greatest extent possible, passengers are requested to use the self-service facilities wherever possible and to use self-service machines for their check-in, in particular for the registration of their luggage. Many airlines, among them easyJet, the Lufthansa Group, Eurowings, Air France/KLM, airbaltic and Norwegian already offer their passengers this service completely or partially.

Contact and Online Services

The employees of our passenger information services will assist you at all times, both on the sport and by telephone at +49 30 6091 6091 0 (local rates apply). Passengers may also obtain service information and further-reaching travel information at as well as and via the Berlin Airport App.

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