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Tips for the Security Check

Published: 14 December 2021, 10:00 AM
Updated: 11 January 2022, 02:30 PM

The security check separates the public area of the airport from the aviation security area to which passengers are granted entry with their boarding cards. The checking of persons and hand luggage ensures that only booked passengers are granted entry and that forbidden items do not find their way into the sensitive aviation security area.

Every Checkpoint is the Right One

In Terminal 1 there are 36 security checkpoints for departing passengers, spread over five security areas. Passengers may use any of the security checkpoints in the check-in hall or in the neighbouring pavilions in order to gain access to the airside of Terminal 1. The travellers are informed as to which security checkpoint is the least busy on the display boards next to the flight boards in the airport building itself, on the homepage of the BER website berlin-airport.de and in the Berlin Airport App. 

Good Preparation is the Be-all and End-all

Every passenger can contribute towards ensuring that things are dealt with more quickly and in a more relaxed manner at the security checkpoint. Good preparation before the flight is the be-all and end-all for this. 

  • In order to avoid bottlenecks when boarding and to make adherence to the distancing regulations easier, passengers are currently requested only to take one piece of hand luggage per person on board. The respective airline shall inform as to the weight and size of these.
  • Only liquids that do not exceed the volume of 100 ml respectively will be allowed through the security check. It is recommended that a suitable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre should be purchased before the flight. Only one such bag per passenger is allowed. This should be placed on top in the hand luggage so that it may be quickly placed in the tray during the hand luggage check.  
  • There is no place in your hand luggage for certain items (e.g. weapons, sharp items such as razorblades, scissors or tools and blunt instruments such as baseball bats). 
  • Children’s prams & buggies, that exceed the height of 25 cm when folded down, may not be taken through the security check but are to be handed in at the check-in. Passengers may obtain a rental buggy at the passenger information desk on the departure level of Terminal 1. 

An overview of the regulations relating to hand luggage and liquids, plus a list of the forbidden items may be found here: 

Hand baggage

Security check

and what every single person can do to support the process 

  • In order to gain access to the queuing areas, passengers must first of all scan their boarding cards at the reading devices. And after the check-in hold their boarding cards at the ready, either in mobile form (on their smart phone or tablet) or as printouts. The boarding card will be inspected either by a scanner or by the security personnel. 
  • Every passenger is actively required to pay heed in the queuing area to adherence to the corona-related distancing and hygiene measures. 
  • Outer garments such as coats, scarves, caps, etc. should be taken off shortly before one’s own turn to go through the check and kept at the ready. 
  • At the security checkpoint, take a tray on your own initiative and place therein singly
    • Your hand luggage, 
    • Outer garments (jackets, caps, scarves, etc.)
    • The contents of the pockets of your trousers and other garments (keys, etc.) 
    • Electronic devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, photographic equipment, etc.) 
    • As well as orderly packed and sealed bags containing liquids and 
    • Shoes (if required to do so by the security personnel). 


When the travellers thereafter pass through the personal check, they must not hold anything in their hands. The pockets of their garments should be completely empty. 

  • The personal check takes place after all items being carried have been laid aside. The security scanner is to be entered at the instruction of the personnel, the feet placed on the marking and the arms raised above one’s head. Should an alarm be triggered, security personnel shall carry out an additional manual inspection. If need be, this may also be done in a separate cabin. 
  • Wearers of a pacemaker, whether supplied by shunt or by valve, are kindly requested to inform the responsible personnel at the checkpoint accordingly beforehand.
  • The instructions of the personnel are to be obeyed throughout the entire process. 
  • Jokes about bombs, drugs, weapons and suchlike are to be refrained from, as the security officers take every threat seriously and investigate it. In case of doubt this may lead to access to the security area and thus to the flight being denied. 
  • After the personal check, the items inspected may be taken possession of once more. An additional inspection of any other the items being carried in the presence of the passenger may be necessary.  
Passengers at BER
Passengers at BER

Travel advice for passengers

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