Terminal Anreise
Terminal Anreise

Arrive in time

Published: 14 December 2021, 10:00 AM
Updated: 11 January 2022, 02:31 PM

Travel to Terminal 1 in Good Time

Travelling and flying during the Corona pandemic have become more wearisome due to the currently valid distancing and hygiene rules as well as the verification and documentation obligations. It is therefore important that passengers should make good preparations for their flight and, in particular, travel to the airport in good time. 

Two things are important

when planning your journey to the airport:

  1. Currently, all departures and arrivals are via Terminal 1 of BER. Terminals 2 and 5 are not in operation at the moment. 
  2. Passengers should be in the terminal two hours prior to their departure time and make their way through the security check as soon as possible after checking in. 

Travelling to the Airport

BER Airport is well connected to both the road and rail network. You may therefore conveniently travel to the airport with your own car, a car-sharing vehicle, taxi or public transport.

By car: 

  • You may travel conveniently by car to Terminal 1 via the A113 motorway and the local road B96a 
  • The direct route is via the A113 motorway; Exit “Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg”.
  • The address for your navigation device is: 

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg


12529 Schönefeld

  • In front of Terminal 1, more than 10,000 parking spaces are available in five multi-storey car parks and three ground level car parks. Parking spaces may be booked in advance at https://parken.berlin-airport.de/en/.  

Passengers, their escorts and greeters may find further information on travelling to the airport by car here: https://ber.berlin-airport.de/en/orientation/getting-here/car.html

Travelling by Public Transport: 

  • BER is well connected to Berlin and its environs by public transport. 
  • The Airport Express (FEX) and local trains (RE7, RB14) run several times every hour between Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station) and the station “Flughafen BER - Terminal 1-2”. 
  • The S-Bahnen (suburban trains) S9 and S45 each run every 20 minutes.
  • The offer is complemented by buses.

Passengers, their escorts and greeters may find further information on travelling to the airport by public transport here: https://ber.berlin-airport.de/en/orientation/getting-here/public-transport.html


Passengers at BER
Passengers at BER

Travel advice for passengers

Read the most important travel advice for passengers here.

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