Aircraft wing and BER tower
Aircraft wing and BER tower

Non-stop to Kalinin­grad

Published: 14 October 2021, 11:30 AM

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As from now, the Russian airline Pegas Fly is linking the BER with Kaliningrad, the capital city of the Russian Province on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Initially, flights will be departing once a week and subsequently, as from November, twice a week. The outbound machines for Russia will be taking off from the BER every Wednesday and, later on, every Sunday at 14.10, landing in Kaliningrad at 16.25. In the opposite direction, the planes will be taking off at 12.50 and landing, after a flight time of just over one hour, at the BER at 13.10.Pegas Fly, a subsidiary of Nordwind Airlines, will be using on these short-distance route a plane of the type Embraer 190, offering 110 seats.

The flights may be booked via the website of Nordwind Airlines:

Pegas-aircraft in front of BER Terminal 1

Kaliningrad is located in the so-called Kaliningrad Region, a Russian enclave within the EU between the Baltic Sea, Poland and Lithuania. As well as the City of Kaliningrad itself, formerly called Königsberg, the surrounding landscapes are well worth a visit: the Romincka Forest, the wildly romantic Nature Reserve Nemunas Delta and the Amber Coast, which includes the Curonian Spit, part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.