Father and son looking towards the apron
Father and son looking towards the apron

Fascination BER

Published: 20 October 2020, 01:03 PM
Updated: 08 July 2021, 03:45 PM

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Berlin Brandenburg Airport

A location with art and history

Summer, sun, holiday season: BER is always worth a trip, since it is much more than just an airport that connects the capital region with Europe and the world. Why not discover our works of art, for example? Most of them can be found in the public area of Terminal 1 and on the visitor terrace!

Architectural Art

At Terminal 1, you will be met by some impressive pieces that turn the airport into a location for art. These art pieces, created by international artists, orientate themselves around the theme of “air-land”. Among others, a starry sky and an oversized, red carpet towering over the check-in hall invite you to dream and linger.

Architectural Art

Kunst am Bau am BER

Either as passenger or visitor, make sure to cast a glance at the floor of the arrivals area, or turn your gaze up towards the ceiling at the check-in hall.

You can find some impressions in the video from our series "Backstage Berlin Airport": To the video on Vimeo

Unique outlook

Departing and landing fliers, aeroplanes with peculiar designs or the colourful bustle on the apron: From the observation deck, onlookers can experience events at BER airport up close. The observation deck offers big and small aeroplane fans an unparalleled view out onto the apron.

Observation Deck

Personen auf der Besucherterrasse

If you have been fully enthralled by the fascination of flying or are now experiencing a sensation of wanderlust, we recommend having a look at the observation deck.

The namesake of BER

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt, as BER is officially called, is named after one of the 20th century’s most prominent figures: Willy Brandt. The Willy Brandt wall at the arrivals area commemorates the politician and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, whose commitment to European unification and Ostpolitik (policies towards East Germany) paved the way towards German reunification.

Willy Brandt

Willy Brandt Schriftzug am BER

Not only is the airport named after an historical figure, but also the airport terrain, which pays homage to various aviation pioneers, thus bringing the history of German air travel to life.

Aviation pioneers at BER

Upon arrival, you can now take a tour through the history of aviation. The streets and squares all around BER pay tribute to figures and personalities who helped shape German aviation into what it is today. For example, the access road bears the name Melli-Beese-Ring, Germany’s first female pilot.

Aviation pioneers

Straßenschilder am Flughafen BER

It’s worth taking a look at the street signs, where you can find the names of some great aviation pioneers, to a certain extent forming a bridge between the past and the present. A further connection to the past can be found in the heart of BER in the form of a pop-up exhibition.