Terminal section M at T5
Terminal section M at T5

New terminal

at Schönefeld Airport

Published: 31 March 2020, 03:01 PM

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Terminal sections with new designations

The terminal areas of Schoenefeld Airport have been given new names since the end of March: Terminals A, B, C, D Departures and D Arrival have been renamed terminal sections K, L, M Departures, M Arrivals and Q. The names of the multi-storey car park and parking spaces have also been changed.

The renaming is due to the opening of Berlin Brandenburg Airport in October 2020, when Schönefeld Airport will become Terminal 5 of the BER (T5). In order to avoid duplicate designations of terminal sections, gates and parking spaces at BER, the building and parking infrastructure of Schönefeld Airport has already been adapted.

Site plan with new designations



The changes at a glance

  • Terminal section K (formerly Terminal B) 
  • Terminal section L (formerly Terminal A)
  • Terminal section M Abflug (formerly Terminal D Abflug)
  • Terminal section M Ankunft (formerly Terminal D Ankunft)
  • Terminal section Q (formerly Terminal C)
  • Car park P51 (formerly P1)
  • Car park P52(formerly P2)
  • Car park P54 (formerly P4)
  • Car park P56 (formerly P6)

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Passengers board the aircraft
Passengers board the aircraft

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