Flying under corona conditions
Flying under corona conditions

Flying safely

under corona conditions

Flying safely under corona conditions

The airport company takes the current health situation very seriously and is working closely with the responsible authorities at state and federal level to protect passengers, visitors, employees and partners from infection and to prevent the spread of the virus.

Processing passengers under corona conditions

Numerous measures within the terminals as well as during security checks and when boarding ensure that passengers’ health is safeguarded when flying from BER, including under coronavirus conditions. Floor markings, plexiglass panels and touch-free dispensers for hand disinfection help passengers to comply with hygiene rules. Passengers also receive the latest information regarding hygiene regulations via monitors and announcements in the terminal. 

Important information for passengers

  • Procedures such as check-in and security checks aim to be contactless as far as possible. Passengers are therefore asked to check in online and download their boarding pass directly to their smartphone, for example. 
  • Please check the entry requirements for your destination well in advance of your departure and have all the required documentation ready at check-in. A good, although not legally binding, overview is available on the following websites:

  • Where possible, please bring only one piece of hand baggage to the security checks.


We recommend that arriving and departing passengers, as well as people collecting passengers and visitors to the airport, wear a medical mask and – wherever possible – keep their distance from other people. 

Compulsory testing

For areas that have been classified by the RKI since 9 January 2023 as “area of variants of concern in which a variant of particular concern threatens to emerge”, a negative test (PCR or PoC antigen test no older than 48 hours) must be documented upon entry. Furthermore, the responsible authorities carry out additional random testing after entry. There is no obligation to register before entry. You will find more information here: 

Information on the designation of international risk areas 

Coronavirus testing at BER

Passengers and visitors can be tested for the Covid-19 virus by means of PCR tests and rapid antigen tests at Terminal 1 of BER.

Symptomatic individuals contact their primary care physician or established doctor. The test center at the airport is not to be used.

Asymptomatic persons (i.e. persons without symptoms) with a positive self-test or rapid test can visit the Test Center at the airport for PCR retesting (according to §4b of the Coronavirus Test Regulation)

Test centre on arrival level E0 for express PCR tests, antigen tests and citizen tests

The test centre on level E0 is open daily from 5.30 am to 9.00 pm. It is operated by Medicare. The test centre is open to passengers and visitors. Tests can be carried out from 0 years of age; children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The tests offered are:

  • Express PCR tests (validated SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test) with the result within 20-45 mins.
  • PCR tests with the result generally within 24-36 hours.
  • Antigen tests within the result within 15 mins.
  • Free citizenship tests

Information regarding the currently valid prices and the process from registration to the test result can be found on the operator’s website:

Obligation to register on entry from virus variant areas

Travellers over 12 years of age who have been in a virus variant area for up to ten days prior to entry must complete the Federal Republic’s entry registration form before departure. A PDF confirmation of the entry declaration must be carried by the passenger. The airline is obliged to check this; the airline will refuse carriage if the document is not presented.

Proof of convalescence, vaccination or negative tests will be forwarded to the Federal Republic of Germany via the entry registration form. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the proof requirement.

Obligation to segregate on entry from virus variant areas

  • If a stay of up to 10 days prior to entry took place in a virus variant area, a 14-day isolation period is generally obligatory. Travellers must go home immediately after arrival – or to other accommodation at the destination – and isolate themselves there (domestic quarantine).
  • During quarantine, it is not allowed to leave the house or flat and receive visitors.
  • If the affected virus variant area is no longer listed as such in Germany during the quarantine period, the quarantine obligation ends.

More detailed information

Please note that due to the dynamic development of the situation, changes in regulations may occur at short notice. If in doubt, the latest legal wording of the respective state ordinances or of the German Federal Ministry of Health always apply.

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