To-go cups and luggage in front of Terminal T1
To-go cups and luggage in front of Terminal T1

Cafés, shops, services

What we offer

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Terminal 1 of Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER will open on 31 October 2020. On 25 October 2020, Schönefeld SXF Airport will become Terminal 5 of BER. Travellers flying to and from Berlin (Schönefeld SXF and Tegel TXL airports) until then should visit to find out more about their journey.

Good selection

in all terminals

Get already today a first overview of the wide range of shops, food and service options available at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

In good time before commissioning, you will receive all detailed information on the individual facilities here.

Terminal 1

A wide range of shops, food and service options are available at T1. In the public area there is a flower shop, a pharmacy and a small supermarket for daily needs. You can buy keepsakes and presents for family and friends in various souvenir shops before departure. In addition, newsagents and bookshops provide a wide range of daily newspapers, magazines, and books.

Shelves in a supermarket

Information about your stay in Berlin and Brandenburg can be obtained from the tourist information desk in the Terminal 1. On level E0 you will also find the counters of the car rental companies. A hairstylist, a foreign exchange bureau and various food options round off everything the airport has to offer.

Duty-free shop at Terminal T1
© Heinemann Duty Free

After check-in and security controls, you reach the duty-free shop as well as a large central square with numerous shops. You can find fashion & accessories, souvenirs, toys, wallets, or electronic and technical items here. There’s truly something for everyone.

Terminal T1 restaurant
© NU

Food is also available. From the marketplace, ascend up towards the gallery to the food court. The food court offers a wide range of options from regional cuisine to fast food to international specialities.

Non-Schengen passengers can shop in the duty-free store after passport control. Further shops and food options are also available. From the restaurant, there is a splendid view of the hustle and bustle of the marketplace.

Further food options, duty-free shops, newsagents and bookshops are available in the Main Pier as well as the North and South Piers. There is also a small range of souvenirs and drinks in the terminal areas as well as a newsagent. Cash machines and foreign exchange bureaus are also available in various areas of the terminal.

Terminal 2

A selected range of food options are also available in Terminal 2.

These include a café, a bakery, and various shops offering a take-away option. Take a look through the newsagents as well as in the souvenir shop before going to the security controls. A tourist information desk and foreign exchange bureau are also available in this terminal.

Duty-free shop at Terminal T2
© Heinemann Duty Free

After security controls, those on the airside have a final opportunity to do some shopping before departure in the duty-free shop. The duty-free shop offers a wide range of books, technical items, and souvenirs as well as toys. Various food options including a restaurant and a take-away round off everything there is to offer.

Terminal 5

Tourist information in Terminal T5

T5 also offers a wide range of shops, food options, and services. A supermarket, a bakery, and travel agencies can be found on the land side of the terminal. In addition, tourist information desks and foreign exchange bureaus are available in the arrival areas of both terminals.

WunderBar in Terminal T5

Before departure, you may obtain a VAT rebate from Global Blue in terminal area L, provided that you are domiciled outside the EU. After the security control, there is a wide selection of products in the duty-free and other shops. Food options such as a pub and a fast food restaurant mean that there’s something for everyone.