Reusable cups
Reusable cups

Reusable dishes at BER

To-go food and drinks at BER

The restaurateurs at BER also offer reusable containers as an alternative to the classic disposable containers for takeaway food and drinks. The aim is to reduce packaging waste, save resources and protect the environment. The restaurateurs in the BER terminals use various systems for this purpose. So far, RECUP and Vytal have been the most popular.


When you buy food and drinks, you pay a deposit for the reusable container or cup, which you get back when you return the container to one of the currently almost 20,000 dispensing points in Germany.


This system works deposit-free. The prerequisite for using the reusable dishes is registration in the Vytal app. Afterwards, the containers must be returned cleaned within 14 days.

In order to avoid waste as well as conserve resources and the climate, simply ask the respective caterer directly next time which system is used.