Personen essen und trinken am BER
Personen essen und trinken am BER

Berlin – Ick liebe dir

Shopping and enjoyment

Why not stop off at east side berlin on the way to the gate, enjoy a legendary currywurst with chips at Witty's or buy a souvenir at the small society?

In our shopping world at BER you will find many trendy Berlin outlets. Directly behind the security checkpoints is the marketplace with its adjoining food court. 

Mann steht im Flughafen-Gebäude und hält Pommes in der Hand

More than 40 varied shops and stops invite you to stroll, get inspired, shop and relax. From the culinary delights of the gastronomies in the food court to hip fashion trends and unique souvenirs of the capital region - everyone will find what they are looking for here. Are you ready for Berlin's youngest district?


"Ran an de Buletten!"


"Janz Berlin is eene Wolke!"